I am a writer. Ritual Keeper.  I shine light.

I fancy myself as a writer.  It fuels my soul with the good stuff.  And so I write. Rejuvenation Lounge (this blog) and I are best friends.  We have been blessed over the years with a strong loyal following from many parts of the world.  This fills me with big joy.

For over a decade now I’ve facilitated Slow Rest Retreats for women in peaceful locations around the world.  The retreats are my deep passion. They are an intuitive fusion of gentle seated meridan movements, deep rest postures, breathwork, guided meditations, sound medicine and offerings of divine flower essences, essential oils, crystals and energy sprays.

meandthomassI adore being a mother of 3 awesome boys. Motherhood is such a precious gift.  I’ve held the space for my boys to grow and discover who they are over the past 14 years (on my own). And loved every minute of it. The easy and the difficult bits. My baby has just turned 18.

For the past 25 years I’ve studied oodles (and I mean oodles) of different natural healing and spiritual modalities (and continue to do so). Love learning!

I’ve studied Relax and Renew Yoga teaching with Judith Lasater, flower essences, meditation, energy healing and relaxation alchemy with way too many teachers to mention and have a Diploma of Counselling.

Looking forward to connecting with you sometime soon.

Peace, love and chocolate, xox  Carole Bourne


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