Hello and welcome,

Firstly you must know I’m a tea lover.  Chai especially. Preferably with spelt date scones. Give me a pen and journal and I’m happy. I feel at home in a bookstore. Always have. I’m a lover of words.

I was born just outside of Melbourne, Australia on a small farm.  My biggest achievement, by far, is raising my 3 sons.  Youngest being 21.  I recently entered empty nest.  Yikes! No one tells you how difficult it is.  I struggled. Probably still am, if I’m honest.  Just loved being a mother.

In my work life, I’ve been supporting women find calm and inner resilience since 2004. I support you holistically. My background counselling and psychological first aid, restorative yoga, therapeutic breathing and meditation.  I also studied 25 years ago spiritual unfoldment and draw on many energetic healing modalities and vibrational medicines to support you with intuitive healing.

I’ve been facilitating Slow Rest retreats since 2006.  France, England, Italy, Bali and Australia. They are crafted especially for woman. Uniquely small for personal individual support. The practice of deep rest and intuitive healing is at the very heart of these retreats. They are my absolute joy and passion.

On my website you’ll find loads of helpful blog posts, a weekly healing ritual (usually posted on a Monday), free guided meditations, a list of my slow rest retreats and details about my on-line Calm Energy sessions.  All focused on helping you move towards a sense of inner stillness and peace.

At the heart of it all, I’m here to support you be your own healer.  Tap into your inner medicine.  Deepen your resilience. Sense of self.  Stay connected with your body.

Thank you for reading all the way down to here.  I’m grateful.

Lets have a chai tea sometime soon.

Flow gently and remember to breathe.

xox  Carole Bourne

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