Hello and welcome,

Firstly you must know I’m a tea lover.  Chai especially. Give me a pen and journal and I’m happy. I feel at home in a bookstore. Always have. I’m a lover of words. I find words can be so healing and comforting.

I was born just outside of Melbourne, Australia on a small farm.  My biggest achievement, by far, is raising my 3 sons.  Youngest being 21.  I recently entered empty nest.  Yikes! No one tells you how difficult it is.  I struggled. Probably still am, if I’m honest.  Just loved being a mother.

In my work life I am a Relaxation Counsellor.  Offering kind gentle support to help calm, comfort & fortify you in difficult times whether that be stress, anxious feelings, overwhelming situations, recovering from an illness or currently having medical treatment.

I’ve also been teaching workshops and retreats for over 20 years.

My background qualifications are in counselling, psychological first aid, restorative yoga, therapeutic breathing and meditation.  I also draw on many energetic healing modalities (think reiki) and vibrational medicines (think flower essences and essential oils) from 30 years experience. 

Since 2006 I’ve been facilitating Slow Rest retreats in France, England, Italy, Bali and Australia. At the moment my retreats are on hold due to the uncertainty of our times.  I miss them.

On my website you’ll find plenty of support and helpful suggestions from my  blog posts, weekly healing ritual, guided practices and meditations, book recommendations

At the heart of everything I do and I am her to support one breath and one small ritual at a time to be your own healer.  Deepen your inner resilience. Trust your body’s healing ability.

Thank you for reading all the way down to here.  I’m grateful.

Lets have a chai tea sometime soon.

Flow gently and remember to breathe.

xox  Carole Bourne

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