Vintage Wisdom Oracle:

by Carole Bourne

The voice of your womb is the nickname I have lovingly anointed my very feminine Vintage Wisdom oracle deck. I know.  It’s a curious nickname. But one that is oh so perfect for these delicate, fragile oracle cards.  I shall explain.

For the past month I’ve been getting to know my Vintage Wisdom oracle.  Her essence. Her mood.  Her unique way of communicating to me. She is so refreshingly different from all other oracle decks.  And I love her for it.


On first touch she seemed hesitant. Shy. Coy.  I get a sense of slow patience.  This deck does not roar – a masculine roar.

She begs you to breathe a feminine breath. Move away from the external world and bring your energies in and down – deep down into your pelvic bowl. For this is the place from which she speaks.  Your womb chakra. The voice of your feminine self.

For me the cards reflect back my deepest most personal needs. The authentic (sometimes hidden) feminine me.

What is it I’m needing most today to stay close to myself – is a common conversation with have.

Soften your belly, be still and listen could easily be her mantra.  It’s time to hear, feel or sense the voice of your womb.

As a side note before I draw an oracle I imagine the most delicate vintage veil being place over my head.  Some days its adorned with a chain of flowers other days a crystal crown. I so love this beginning ritual which the deck showed me early on.

For those of you curious here’s a little of the written insights for the oracle card Protection as shown above. There are always flowers and an animal in the exquisite imagery.

This statuesque warrior goddess stands on the threshold between two worlds.  Above her head, a halo shows divine consciousness.  As she guards the mysterious kingdom behind the portal, a golden sword implies readiness for action. The regal swans, symbolozing the element of light, stand proudly at Protections feet. The light of the sun and moon reflects the qualities of yin and yang transcends the alchemy of opposites. By drawing this card you can feel blessed in the knowledge that protection is at hand.

Oh, and its worth noting there are some gorgeous oracle spreads suggested in the booklet that accompanies the vintage wisdom oracle – the penning farthing spread – the walled garden spread and the spy glass spread. How very vintage do they sound?

I’d love to hear your favourite decks. After all a girl can never have enough oracle cards.

You can click here to read a previous blog post I wrote a while back on my favourite oracles (at the time).  I’m sure you’re the same as me, as we change so do the oracle decks we feel intuitively drawn too.

And if you’d like to join me in Ubud, Bali for some sacred rest click here.

Flow gently my friend. xox  Carole


~  Carole Bourne ~


I am a writer. I am a healer. I shine light.


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‘May the medicine within Rise. Awaken from her dormant sleep. And heal you.”

Hello my magical friend, my gentle focus at the moment is loyally observing my interaction with two words – I Am.

I Am are strong convincing words. They are active words.

Your body obeys them.  Your mind believes them. The universe hears them.

I Am are words of medicine (if you want them to be) for what follows them triggers a ripple effect, through your body and out into the many layers of your life.


Following is an accidental healing ritual that was kindly passed onto me via my favourite wise old tree last month. Bless you, oh, wise ancient one. My body obviously needed to hear it.

The essence can be expressed as a mantra. “I am medicine, for I am breath, I am light and I am energy.”

These words, when spoken, are a delicious therapeutic tonic. Stirring dormant forces within.  Reminding, both you and I, of the many layers of medicine that live within us.  Always.

May the medicine within Rise my friend.  Awaken from her dormant sleep.  And heal you.

Click here to listen to the audio recording of  I Am Medicine healing ritual. It’s about 5 minutes.

The written transcript follows. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I Am Medicine Ritual:    

click here for audio recording.

I inhale slowly.

I exhale even slower.

I am medicine for I am a divine vessel of healing breath, energy and light.

I awaken the medicine in me now.

Inhale. Exhale.

I am medicine for I am a healing breath.

I inhale a healing breath to nourish and comfort my body.

I exhale a healing breath to release all tension and tightness.

I relax deeper into my body with each healing breath.

Inhale. Exhale.

I am medicine for I am energy.

With soft focus I move energy through me.

Sending her down from the head, through the body and into the legs and feet.

I rest my energy here for moment – before gently moving her back up through my body.

My energy cleanses and clears as she flows smoothly through me.

Inhale. Exhale.

I am medicine for I am light.

I awaken the light within me.

On the inhale my light brightens.

On the exhale my light expands.

I am filled with healing light.

Inhale. Exhale.

I am medicine. Always.

I inhale all that I need now.

I exhale all that I no longer need.

I am safe, supported and loved.

I am whole, healed and complete.

And so it is.



Ritual variations:


Listen to the audio.

Say out aloud as a declaration to your true self and the universe.

Read with one hand on your belly and the other on your heart.  This is really, really helpful for feeling into which of the three medicines healing breath, energy or light need more of your focus and attention.

The more time you spend with your inner medicine, the stronger and clearer they will become.


30 second mini version:

If you’re busy here’s a shortened version, that’s easy to remember.

I am a healing breath.  I am moving a healing breath through my whole body now.

I am energy. I am moving energy through my whole body now.

I am light. I am shining light through my whole body now.


Flow gently my friend. xox  Carole


~  Carole Bourne ~


I am a writer. I am a healer. I shine light.


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Weekly healing ritual

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