Hello my magical friend, do you believe that the feathers you find on the ground, bring you messages from the divine?  I absolutely do.

Many moons ago (25 years or so) I sat in council (in a teepee) one day a week for a year with a North American Indian Grandmother. She shared with me their ways. There were no written notes, class plans or books to read, the wisdom was organically experienced through all five senses via stories, communing with nature and ancient ceremony and ritual.

I was shown how to massage the earth with my barefoot and by dancing on the ground.  This would help heal the hurt we had inflicted on our earth’s meridians. I learnt how drumming was a healing tonic for the earth’s song vibration. Sound is a potent medicine. Experienced sweat lodges, talking sticks, shape shifting and sacred smoke rituals.  We crafted beautiful medicine pouches filled with healing crystals to wear around our neck. She showed me how to look up at the sky and read the messages. Observe the direction the birds flew.  The direction of the wind. The type of bird. It all had meaning. Especially the feathers which had gracefully floated to the earth’s skin.

So it’s not surprising that when I see a feather on my path. I stop. Give thanks to the bird, and pick it up. A divine message from the unseen world. The universe, great spirit, angels, god, guides or whatever we chose to name the amazing energy that is around us always.

One of the easiest ways to understand messages from feathers is by their colour.  Colour holds a vibration, a specific energy that interacts with our being and speaks to our psyche.

The colour meanings:

These interpretations are a guideline. Trust your own intuition. Hold the feather to your heart and listen. Feel the language of the feather.

Explore the shape and size of the feather as well. The doctrine of signatures will add meaning to the message. And the direction the feather is pointing might be a sign.

A recent feather I picked up had no tip. I saw this as my crown chakra and thinking mind being conjested. I went home and remedied with the crystal labrodrite and an energy ritual.

Enjoy my interpretations and let me know what you like.

Black feather – Know you are cloaked in a veil of protection.  You are safe.

Grey feather – It’s time for stillness. Turn your energies inwards. Calm, slow days are your best medicine now.

Black and white – Welcome change is on its way. You are ready. The time is now.

Blue – A spiritual gift is coming your way.  It’s time for a healing. Gift of healing.

Brown, black – Ground. Anchor your energies.  Centre yourself. Touch the earth. Call back your scattered energies.

Red/green – Clash. Spend time alone. Empty your head. There is confusion in the messages you are receiving.

Green – Replenish your heart chakra. It’s time to receive. Nourishment. New growth.

Yellow – A gift coming your way.  An insight.  A message.  Stay bright. Connect to the suns rays. Smile more.

White – Your angels are with you. Trust your chosen path. You are on the right path.

Red – Courage of heart. Strong passion. Love.

Striped – You are where you are meant to be. Guidance coming in your dreams. You are heading in the right direction.


My next Full Moon Releasing Circle  (22nd February) will be hand crafted from Ubud, Bali. How magical.  The energy will be extra potent.  Bookings are now open.  Joining is via donation.  The essence of this circle will be on the “The dark breath”.  I’ll be recording an audio guided  ritual which will help you activate the dark breath.  It is a strong clearing ritual to purify your body of dark cells that can be the start of ill health, imbalance or disease.  The dark cells are often found in your thought waves, blood stream or organs.

The dark breath ritual is steeped in tree medicine and was shown to me from a wise old tree that I commune with often. I am grateful. I am blessed and I must share this medicine.

Flow gently my friend. xox Carole


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Smile Into Your Organs.

by Carole Bourne

“We shall never know all the good a smile can do” Mother Teresa

Hello my wonderful friend, I love the idea that smiling is used as a healing or meditation practice by many ancient cultures. I even studied with a Taoist master over 20 years ago on the alchemy of an inner smile.  It was big medicine.

Taoists believe holding a smile on your face and guiding it gently downwards, into your body and even further into your organs is the key to good health and longevity. The Balinese understand a smiling meditation washes away bad energy. Thich Nhat Hanh encourages a half smile for walking meditations.

And of course the Chinese believe our organs are connected to emotion.

Smile into your liver and dissolve anger.
Smile into your kidneys and dissolve fear.
Smile into your lungs and dissolve grief.
Smile into your heart and dissolve sadness.

I have intuitively reconnected with this ritual over the past few weeks to help with my deep grief.  My beautiful mother transitioned into another realm 2 weeks ago surrounded by family.  My lungs and heart are in need of healing. Grief is a curious creature. One which I will do my best to honour.


Healing practice:

This is a great ritual for last thing at night to clear away the days energy or when you feel swallowed up by strong emotions.

Smile. Close your eyes. Tune into your smile. It holds a unique vibration. Sense the gentle soothing  and potent healing qualities of your smile.

Now imagine inhaling your smile.  Picture in your mind’s eye the smiling energy flowing effortlessly into each one of your organs.  

Smile into your liver and dissolve anger. Time to cool excessive heat, frustration, resentment lingering in your liver.

Smile into your liver, feel her soften on the inhale and release excessive heat, anger or envy on the exhale.  Repeat for as long as needed.

Smile into your kidneys and dissolve fear.  Feel safe, secure and protected in life again.  Smile into your kidneys, feel them soften on the inhale and release fear and stress on the exhale. Repeat as needed.

Smile into your heart and release sadness.  Let go of old hurts. Be open to giving and receiving love in a healthy balanced way. Feel safe to love again.

Smile into your heart, feel her soften, relax and expand on the inhale and surrender sadness and deep hurts on the exhale.  Repeat as needed.

Smile into your lungs and release grief.  Appreciate the healing qualities of grief.  Understand its okay to let go when the time is right for you. Allow the grief to flow through you.

Smile into your lungs, feel them soften and expand on the inhale – and release grief and pain on the exhale.  Repeat as needed.

May you flow through this week with smiling organs. xox  Carole

p.s. I have a strong intuitive pull to offer global intentions circles.  They are a beautiful tonic to amplify and enhance your intentions. Click here to read more.  It’s on the 9th February. And while we’re talking sacred circles, the next full moon releasing circle is on 22nd February and will be beaming special energy to you from Ubud, Bali.


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