Add more moments of pausing, deep breathing, soft thinking, slow living and intentional rest into your day. Be your own medicine. Nourish yourself one gentle breath and one replenishing ritual at a time” Carole Fogarty

For years now I’ve crafted daily prompts right here at Rejuvenation Lounge.  Bite size reminders of divine rejuvenating rituals.

Simple, I can do that kinda rituals.  Easy practices that over time – when strung together – day after day – can and will make a huge difference to your health, sanity and life.


Half the time I’m sure I’ve written them  for myself.

In fact I know I have!

This post is purely a reminder to old friends (of Rejuvenation Lounge) and an introduction to new ones (hello!) to drop by often and check out  the daily prompts page.

Zip over whenever you’re feeling challenged, exhausted or simply need a few moments of “you” time.

You can click here and check out the past 2 weeks rejuvenating rituals.  I’ve kept them up on-line for you.

You might also like to download Rejuvenation Lounge’s relaxation manifesto.  It’s free.

Which ritual tingles in your tummy?

Notice which ritual grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you. Stops you mid sentence and leaves a tingly feeling in your tummy. You need that ritual.  That ritual is your medicine. Whether its just for today or the rest of the week, month or year.

If you happen to be curious, my new personal rejuvenating ritual – is knitting.  Yep, knitting!

When I’m in need of a pause, I walk away from the screens and grab my needles and knit.  As I settle into the rhythm of moss stitch (knitting another cowl scarf) everything gradually becomes a little calmer on the inside.  I’m back. In my body. Reconnected.

You can check out my latest slow knitting adventures on instagram.

I so love the idea of Slow Clothing.  Gosh, I’ve even dreamed of doing a Slow Yoga and Knitting Retreat. Just waiting to manifest a passionate knitter. Perhaps its you!

Here’s my recent daily prompt on knitting:

Knitting is the new black!  A soothing pause.  A dash of slow – stitched into a busy day.

Knitting infuses your spirit with a healthy dose of slow living, patience, calmer thinking and delicious creativity.

Knit your way to relaxation – one therapeutic stitch at a time.  xx Carole

Last weeks replenishing rituals:

Enjoy the recent replenishing rituals below gorgeous friends.

Read slowly and tune into which ritual tingles in your tummy and speaks to your soul.

Alternately click here for lots more.


rejuvenation ritual:

thisyearmoeadventuresBe You In 2014.

Do Goddess. Do sacred. Do ritual.

Do circle. Do different. Do play. Do rest.

Do creative. Do wild. Do amazing. Do adventure.

Do vulnerable. Do love. Do fabulously imperfect.

Just trust.  And do you. xx Carole


daily ritual:

ganeshaNotice if you are pushing or forcing a certain situation.

Sometimes we unintentionally block support and guidance from the universe.

Breathe deeply.

Relax a little.

Give the situation space.  xx Carole


daily ritual:

thecellsinyourbodylistentoeverythingYour words matter.

Use your words as medicine.  A tonic for your cells.

Fill your being with lots of loving, healing thoughts by repeating a mantra.

One of my favourite mantra’s:

“Every cell in my body is loved and healthy”.  

Feel your spine straighten, lengthen and gain inner strength and alignment as you fill yourself up with these healing words. xx Carole


daily ritual:

taketimetodowhtmakesyoursoulhappyPause. Turn your awareness gently inwards.

Take time to breathe compassionately into your body.

Give your soul breathing space to be heard.

Close your eyes if you need too.

Now listen to the whispers of your soul.

All it takes is a purposeful pause. xx Carole


daily ritual:

earthingToday feels like a great day to un-complicate and simplify life a little.

Give it a whirl.

More letting go.

Less holding on. xx Carole


daily ritual:

yellowInhaling colour is a delicious medicine for your well being.

Pause.  Relax your breath.

Inhale some dazzling yellow deep into your cells.

See, sense or feel the yellow soaking effortlessly through your skin and into the length of your spine.

Yellow is incredibly rejuvenating for your nervous system (aka exhaustion) and strengthens the integrity of your core. xx Carole


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liquidcrystalIf you love working with crystals then you will simply fall in love with this very detailed guidebook and 72 deck of crystal oracle cards.

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xx Carole




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