“For those of you having one of ‘those” kinda days. Just breathe. You’ve got this!”

The back of the neck is an important sacred energy centre in your body.  It’s often known as the 4 1/2 chakra – highly sensitive, pulsing a profound heightened awareness.  A clever little antenna alerting you to lower vibrations or toxic influences – sensing danger – even if its not so obvious.

When the 4 1/2 chakra (back of the neck) becomes weakened or dulled it loses its protective filter.  We are exposed – and can unknowingly  take in “junk” from other people or situations happening around us.

sameoldthinkingI’ve seen this often over the past few months.  Many gorgeous souls with venerable or unsealed 4 1/2 chakra’s, who have unknowingly – taken in mis-aligned or toxic vibrations.

You may already be sensing this yourself  (I certainly have). Intuitively knowing your vibrations are “off”.  Feeling wobbly in life. A sense that something is not quite right on the inside.

If this resonates with you, following are a few simple rituals that I know will help enormously strengthen and seal your 4 1/2 chakra over time.

Sealing the back of your neck daily for the next month or so –  is probably the most important of all suggestions.  It’s what I’m doing now after facilitating lots of slow retreats, traveling the planet and feeling a dip in my energy.

To further support those of you who are feeling “wobbly”, I felt it important my next Global Full Moon Healing Circle – October 8th focus solely on repairing, clearing and sealing your 4 1/2 chakra. Invitations will be going out at the end of this week to those of you on my healing circle mailing list.

Seal your 4 1/2 chakra daily:

I strongly recommend starting with – dabbing one drop of the essential oil vetiver – onto the back of your neck – first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Rub in a circular motion, starting small and gradually increasing the size of your circle, eventually covering the whole back of your neck.

Vetiver is incredibly therapeutic for stress and anxiety with wonderful healing properties to help calm and ground.  It brings strength to those who feel wounded. On a spiritual level however vetiver has strong protective qualities.  It’s been my favourite essential for decades now. Vetiver essential oil offers protection from taking on  ”junk” from other people or stuff that’s happening around you.

Repeat daily for at least a month for sustainable results – and then again – whenever you feel fragile, depleted in energy or have been ill.

If the smell of vetiver is too strong or you don’t feel aligned to her energies then I recommend the essential oil of tulsi (holy basil) or rose essential oil (being the highest vibration of all oils).

Of course there are many wonderful vibrational sprays and essences on our planet today.  Trust your intuition and go with what you feel drawn too. As always vibrational recommendations are not a one size fits all.  I simply know what works for me and what I have seen work for others at my slow retreats.

Protect your 4 1/2 chakra:

Following are a few additional suggestions to strengthen the special energy centre at the back of your neck.

They are written in no particular order.

1.  Rub a piece of black tourmaline, in a circular motion, to the back of your neck for a few minutes before going to sleep at night.  You can even pop it under your pillow. Black tourmaline offers a powerful protective shield.

2. Sun to skin. Direct sunlight rays soaking and penetrating into the back of your neck.  Inhale and exhale the sun’s rays into the back of your neck for at least a couple of minutes. I did this yesterday.  It worked wonders.

3. Keep the neck covered with a scarf.  I personally do this.  It offers a veil of protection. Light cotton scarf for summer.  Warmer bamboo or woolen scarf for winter.

4. Wear a sandalwood mala.  Sandalwood has a great protective energy and wearing it as a necklace is an easy way to offer support to the back of your neck. If you’re interested, and I know a few of you will be, here’s a link to an etsy store called  Mala’s and More where I bought my most recent fabulous lapis lazuli mala. It cost me around $50.00 from memory. Divinely made and crafted. I get lots of lovely comments when I wear it


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