Stay Close To Yourself

by Carole Bourne


“Know which rituals move you closer and deeper to your true self”

In a recent journaling moment my pen kept writing stay close to yourself, stay close to yourself. The pull could be felt down in my belly. There was no escaping this message.

I was being guided (or screamed at) through the words on my page, to move closer and deeper to my true self, my authentic core, without hiding or getting lost amongst the endless distractions.

So now I’m sharing these wise words with you. I’m sensing many of you will resonate deeply with them.

Is the real you close, confident, wildly creative, and familiar – or foggy, far away, hiding, perhaps lost to a distant past or somewhere between?

Pause. Close your eyes.  Ask youself.

Am I close to myself?  The real me. My true self.  My authentic essence.

Can you sense her radiant presence?  Hear her voice of certainty.  Feel her confident skin. Tap deep into her well of creativity.

Whatever your answer (and it will vary day to day – it does for me – that’s life – and that’s okay) I feel the question, “What can I do now to move closer and deeper to the real me” is worthy of our precious attention and constant consideration if we are to live without the mask of becoming a vague, faint, blurred version of ourselves.

Lets move closer to our real selves, day by day, small ritual by small ritual.  It’s do-able.  With patience and thoughtful pausing.

What a beautiful thought my friends.

Stay close to yourself

Here’s my notes / insights / guidance that appeared on my page when journaling recently.  Of course they came from a higher place as I held the space with an empty page and willing pen. xox Carole

Journal. Give your soul a voice and higher realms a place to communicate.

Rest in silence. Digest life. Listen. Replenish.

Seek counsel with your oracle cards. Surrender to their message. Be with the card as long as its energy is “alive” for you.

Listen to the language of your body. Every sensation speaks. Ignore her and she’ll find a way to stop you.

Be with the wisdom and healing alchemy of nature.  Go for a walk. Get grounded. Take time to be with tree beings. Come back to your centre.

Hold rose quartz over your heart chakra. Listen. Your heart has needs too.

Breathe with a soft round belly – always a soft, soft round belly – and stay close to your feminine essence. Your shakti strength. Intuitive centre.

Keep releasing. Keep opening. Light a candle.  Gaze into the soft flickering flame.  Ignite your own inner guiding light.  See it expand with each satisfying inhalation. See the flame release that which no longer serves who you are today. Seek comfort and healing in the flame.

Hold your special stone. Be reminded of your own inner stillness. The place where guidance and wisdom reside. Your authentic home. A place where the mind doesn’t interfere.

Craft an altar.  It’s a portal, a reminder for deepening your connection. Be with her presence daily.

Drink from a beautiful tea cup. One should always have a exquisite tea cup. Notice its magnificence.  Feel extra special. It’s another pathway to your true self.

Recite an invocation of clearing.  ”In the wisdom of my soul I invoke a cleansing and clearing spiral”. Ask the golden white cleansing spiral to remove debris and negativity from your aura.  See feel or hear it swirl and move efficiently around your body, through your energy fields and deep into your cells. Feel brighter and closer to yourself.

Seek natural light.  Move away from artificial lights and screens. Seek the peaceful glow of stars, moon and night sky.  Watch the clouds, day sky and horizon.  Gaze at a field. Rest weary eyes on the flicker of candle flames.

Bottom line. Know what brings you back to you from the world of busyness, distractions and technology.

Go forth and live a life that truly reflects who you are.  No more hiding.  No more disconnect.

Oh, one last thought.  An awesome question I’ve been asking myself in times of confusion or worry.

“What will the authenticate me have me do now?

 xox Carole  


~ What I’m loving at the moment ~

writing down the bonesWriting Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg is a spectacular classic.  The best of its kind, especially if you feel drawn to writing, journaling or blogging.  It’s beyond fabulous.  Layered with zen wisdom’s from Natalie’s lifetime of zen meditation practice.

“We should write with a rounded belly” says Natalie, so with words like these, how can I not love this book when soft rounded bellies are my thing.

This is a book you can pick up any time, read a few pages and come away inspired, not just about writing but life.  xox  Carole


~ Recent daily ritual ~  

Ignite your confidence.

Lengthen your spine. Lift your heart. Raise your head.

Align with your inner core strength and confident beautiful self.

Sit tall. Stand tall.  Feel bigger in the world. xox Carole    

Click here for today’s small ritual .


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“Pause and release pockets of tension squeezed into the surface of your skin”

It’s time to add a delicious full stop to your day.  A rejuvenating pause.   And sink into a softer more peaceful version of yourself.


Today I’m offering up a suggestion to notice your skin. Feel into your skin.  Sense the surface of your skin.

Are you “skin clenching” today?  

Is the surface of your skin – be it face, arms, legs, back, hands, shoulders, feet or whole body – squeezing in stress, sucking it deeper into your body and clinging tightly to anxious thoughts on replay.

Frowning, squinting or clenched hands are all obvious signs.

Skin breathing is one of my favourite therapeutic breathing rituals at the moment.

It’s a new ritual, I beamed in recently when I was feeling totally overwhelmed. You know those days!!  Wired. Wound up tight! Going around in circles.

I paused.  Always a wise move.

Lay on my yoga mat.  Then my body intuitively began skin breathing.

Not belly breathing, smiling into my organs, doing a little restorative yoga or repeating a mantra.

My wise breath simply wanted to breath into my skin and breathe out from my skin.

And wow!  I literally could sense the cells of my skin expanding with each inhalation. I think my skin started secretly smiling.

Inhaling into my skin, I invite softness.  

Exhaling from my skin, I sense a release and letting go of clenching.

After a few minutes of skin breathing, the energy around me shifted.  The internal agitation began to ease. My vibration lifted. My aura began to expand and brighten again.

Give it a whirl ~ Start with your forehead

If you’d like to experiment with a little skin breathing,  Let’s start here.  Your forehead. Notorious for frowning, creating temple and head pressure and eye tension.

Notice your forehead.  Close your eyes. Feel into the skin across your forehead.

Breathe into your forehead.  Breathe out from your forehead.

Invite the skin across your forehead to relax, soften and spread with each inhalation.  Sense the skin become gentler, more supple and smoother.

Notice, as the skin across your forehead begins to relax, there’s a magical flow on effect across into your skull, temples and even down to your jaw and neck.  I’m sure its anti-ageing.

Skin breathing meditation:

It’s simple.  You only need 2 minutes.  Sitting, laying down or even standing.

Get quiet.  Get comfortable.

Inhale into your skin (whole body) inviting softness and spaciousness.

Exhale from your skin (whole body) using the releasing exhale to let go and relax.

Don’t rush.  Don’t force.  It may seem a little weird or difficult at first.  Be patient with yourself.  Soon you’ll find your own rhythm.

Enjoy my gorgeous friend, and let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear. xox Carole

~ ~ ~

Another awesome ritual to help relax the surface of your skin is a warm oil self massage.  I’ve written about it before.  Warm oil speaks kindly to your nervous system. There is an unseen therapeutic process that happens with the circular motions over your joints and slow gentle strokes over your body.  Deeply soothing and nurturing.  Perfect for when you can’t manage being still and breathing.

If you’ve have lots of skin tension in your face you may find a yoga eye pillow will help deepen the relaxation experience for you.


~ What I’m loving at the moment ~

journalMy latest on-line purchase is the Buddha Doodles Gratitude Journal. Thanks Rupy for the recommendation.  Love it.

I swear the amazing doodles and nourishing quotes on each page were crafted especially for my blog. Rejuvenation Lounge is very happy.

It’s A4 ish in size, so plenty of space to doodle and write.

Keep near your bed or favourite place to sit.  Write the date.  Write 3 things you are grateful for.  Repeat daily. xox  Carole


~ Recent daily ritual ~


Feeling exhausted?

Bring more circulation to your lower back.

Supported child pose is a delicious restful posture that nourishes your adrenals and kidneys.

Inhale into your kidneys.  Exhale from your kidneys.  Allow the breath to breathe you as you rest and refuel. xox Carole

Click here for my small daily rituals.


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