“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time”

:: Breathing Space :: (January 13th)

Sometimes the only medicine you need is to sit down

Close your eyes for a moment – and breathe a large breath.

Then another large breath.

And another large breath.

Until it passes.


:: Tilt Your Focus :: (January 6th)

Choose, with greater devotion where to place your precious energy in the year ahead.

Here’s my energy prescription to self.  It’s a work in progress.

Be kinder.
Up the gratitude.
Drop the complaining and judgement. 
Smile more.
Watch nature.  Less screens.
Sit up straight.


:: Call In Your Higher Truths :: (December 30th)

Reclaim devotion to your higher truths. 

Live by what you spiritually believe in.

Write your personal “I believe list”

What do you have faith in? Feel in your heart, to be real and true.  

It’s a Big question.  A worthy question.  Take your time. 

Higher truths can dim or fade. Get lost. Change as we experience more of life. 

Higher truths are the language of the soul. Our inner script for life’s journey. We are held unconditionally by them.

Reclaim your devotion.


:: Soften Your Eyes :: (December 23rd)

Surrender the eyeball tension.

See with kinder vision.

It only takes a second – to shift your gaze from tight and tense to soft and relaxed. 

From hard and judgemental to patient and understanding.

Soften both eyes, and your whole body becomes more peaceful.

Soften both eyes, a little deeper, and your thoughts become gentler. 

Soften both eyes even deeper, and view the world, and yourself, through the lens of kindness.


:: Healing Hum Breath :: (December 16th)

Refresh your energy.

Soothe frayed nerves

Clear harsh, tense energy.

Cool a worried, anxious mind.

The ancient hum (breath and sound combined) is a healing tonic for the whole body. Deeply calming and restorative.

Ritual Prescription

Place one hand on top of your head.

Place the other hand gently on your belly.

Hum on the exhale, through softly closed lips.  Feel the tingles of your hum, spread the sound currents out, into your palms.

Rest after three breath cycles, then repeat.


:: Find A Wild Stone :: (December 9th)

Remember the strength of you.

Make friends with a wild stone.


Hold in the palm of your hand.

Exchange a weighted breath.

A silent conversation.


Feel into its deep stillness. Earthed core.

Solid courage. Ability to weather all storms.


Let it speak of slowing time

Trusting patience. Grounded thoughts.

Feet to earth.  Conserving life force.


:: Finding Rest ::  (Dec 2nd)

Intentional Rest is quietly found.


In the soft still space at the far end of each of your inhales and exhales.

Linger in these quiet spaces of stillness of the breath.

If only for a second, and know you have connected to an authentic portal for rest.

With a kind mind connect to the four parts of your breath. Often.

The Inhale.

The tiny gap of stillness at the very end of the inhale and before the exhale begins. It may only be for a split second in the beginning.

The Exhale.

The tiny gap of stillness and the end of the exhale and before the inhale begins. It may only be for a split second in the beginning. 


: Guided Meditations :

Click here for free guided meditations over on soundcloud

Evening ritual of softening

I am medicine ritual

Womb chakra releasing ritual

Slow rest


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