“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time”


: Currents of Energy :

Gather your healing.

There is an astonishing gift that lives in your hands.

A miraculous medicine waiting to be awakened.  Re-remembered.  Poured through you.

Potent currents of energy that repair hurt and fragile places inside of you.  Offer comfort to a weary heart.

Breathe my friend. Open your hands wide. And gather your healing.

Feel the electrical aliveness that pulses in your palms. 

Sense the currents of energy that stream from your uncurled fingers.

Witness the gradual pooling of healing rays in the flesh of your loyal hands.

Your body craves your healing touch.  Always.

Rest your hands intuitively, anywhere, on your deserving body.

Receive there.  Breathe there.

Bow your head in gratitude.


: Guided Meditations :

Click here for free guided meditations over on soundcloud

Evening ritual of softening

I am medicine ritual

Womb chakra releasing ritual

Slow rest


Rejuvenation Lounge - Breath and Unwind

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