Awaken your inner medicine by exploring my weekly offering of self healing. Read softly. With care. Feel in.

It may well be the precise medicine you are needing today.  xox Carole

~ Weekly healing ritual ~

“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time”

~ The next right step ~

Sometimes stuck answers need different pathways to reveal themselves. Tap into your higher guidance through the ancient ritual of automatic writing.

Grab a pen and piece of paper.  Quiet the space around you.  Light a candle.

Breathe light and energy down through your hand, finger chakra’s and pen.

Ask for a higher wisdom to now move through you.

Let words spill out onto the page.  Unfiltered. Messy. Jumbled.  Trust.

~ Ritual pairing~

Hum deliberately into your writing arm and hand.

Humming is sound medicine for your life.  Swiftly clearing and transmuting energy.  Easing fear, stress and exhaustion. A beautiful calming tonic for anxiousness.  A soothing melody for scattered thinking.

Humming helps to circulate your energy whilst refreshing your chakra’s, aura and energy channels.

May the writing medicine in you Rise my friend. xox  Carole

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