“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time”

:: Law Of Completion ::

There is a weight to life’s little in-completions. 

We unknowingly drag them around.  

Lighten your load. Clear the energetic space around you.  

Tie off your loose ends.

I think of the Law of Completion as the full stop in a sentence. The joining of a circle. The brief moment of rest and stillness before the next thing begins.


:: A Prescription For Pausing :: (last week)

Gift yourself a little breathing space. A well deserved full stop.

Inhale slowly. Exhale slowly.

Close your eyes.  It helps.  Rest in the quiet darkness.

Hands on heart.  Come back to centre.  Your true home.  Doesn’t that feel better.

Lose the frown. Soften tongue. Un-hunch shoulders. Release navel tension. Drop into your body.  Sigh! here.

Feel the air on your face.  Notice as it enters the nostrils.

Receive on the inhalation. Oxygen. Qi. Prana. Life force.  Receive it all.

Take as much as you need.

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: Guided Meditations :

Click here for free guided meditations over on soundcloud

Evening ritual of softening

I am medicine ritual

Womb chakra releasing ritual

Slow rest


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