Awaken your inner medicine by exploring my weekly offering of self healing. Read softly. With care. Feel in.

It may well be the precise medicine you are needing today.  xox Carole

~ Weekly ritual ~

“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time”

~ Uncomfortable spaces ~

Transitions are wobbly, sticky uncomfortable spaces.

Unfamiliar turning points in life. We can feel numb, lost and rudderless.

Some transitions are forced quickly upon us. There is Big hurt. Others arrive painfully slowly.

When we bow before a life transition, acknowledge its presence and listen in, a new pathway of being can be found.  

We must trust like never before. Be still like never before. Lay with the messy uncomfortable void so we can find our way to the other side. 

May the healing medicine in you Rise my friend. xox  Carole

~ Releasing meditations  ~

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