“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time”

:: Take Your Body For A Walk :: (Feb.24th)

Walk to shift energy. 
Clear your thoughts. Surrender the stress.
Move life, through the bones of your body.

Walk to come back to your centre.
Ground yourself.  Settle rushed energy.
Call back your scattered thoughts.

Walk to meditate.
Focus only on the breath.
The nourishing inhales. The releasing exhales. The moments in between.

May walking and fresh air be your healer.


:: Lengthen Your Exhale :: (Feb.17th)

With great care.
Lengthen your exhale.

A comforting balm for a tight, tense and inflamed body.
Calming for rushed, over-stimulated energy.

Inhale slowly.
Exhale even slower.

Feel the subtle slowing and settling of your energy.

Inhale slowly.
Exhale even slower.

Sense the gradual softening, and then release of
 muscle, skin and organ tension with every  emptied exhale.

Inhale slowly.
Exhale even slower.

May breath be your healer.


:: Tranquility Breathing :: (Feb.10th)

One hand on belly.
One hand on heart.

Welcome the soothing comfort of touch. 

Come back into your body.
Come back into your bones.
Come back to your breath.

Gently breathe between both hands.
Let your breath, breathe you.

Quietly follow the currents of your breath.
Witness the soft rise and fall of your hands.

Feel your body begin to surrender it’s tight grip on life, soften a little and move towards a more relaxed way of being.

May touch and breath be your healers.


:: Ask Your Body ::

Stay close to your body. Honour its earthly needs. 

Check in often. It’s the only home your have.

Check in with your breath.
Notice what you notice.

Check in with your energy levels.
Notice what you notice.

Check in with your body.
Notice what you notice.

Patiently listen for soft replies. Quiet communications. 

It’s the purest way forward for healing.


:: A Releasing Sigh ::

Sigh out your worries.
Sigh out your exhaustion.
Sigh out your fears.

Sigh out the sheer weight of life.
On the exhale.
Out through the mouth.

Hear the sound of your releasing sigh.
Give it volume.

Feel the shoulders drop.
Jaw un-clench.
Breath slow.
Whole body relax a little.


:: Re-Root Your Human Body ::

Exchange breath with the earth.

Ground. Calm. Settle the restless energy.

As you walk, inhale up from the earth, through the soles of your feet,  legs along the spine to the top of your head.

Exhale, release the breath slowly down through the body and back into the earth.

Return to a grounded breath.


: Guided Meditations :

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