“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time”


~ Breathing Space – October 14th

Push less.

Pause more.

Bow to the medicine of breathing space. 


~ The Humming Breath – October 7th

The residual sound current, from the humming breath, swiftly clears stuck, stagnant, blocked energy.  A humming breath is soothing for a worried mind.  A medicinal tonic for anxiety.  Your nervous system settles and resets to the toning current of the humming breath. 

Step one:

Start by placing one hand on the head and one hand on the belly.  This allows you to feel intimately the sound current of the hum vibrating inside your body. 

Step two:

With lips gently touching, inhale a relaxed breath through your nose. On the natural exhale (from the nose) hum. Think of a humming bee.

Move the sound current of the hum between both hands.


~ Ask ~  October 1st

We forget to a s k.

Beyond the four walls of our mind.

Reach our awareness to other wise fields of energy. Seek their insights and ancient knowings.

We forget to a s k and exchange dialogue with the body. It knows what the mind doesn’t and is filled with its own deep medicine.

We forget to a s k and connect to the unseen presence of a higher realm, the universe, Divine mother, God, whatever your name for it.  For it knows what we need to do next and is always guiding us.

We forget to a s k and seek council with the timeless wisdom and earthly ways of Mother Nature.  She will help us fall back into rhythm with ourselves.

To  a s k  is to move forward in life, not alone, but in holy partnership to all the we are connected too.

Start here:

Ask your body. 

Close your eyes. Hands on belly. Breathe here. 

A s k your body what it needs the most,  right now, in this moment. Then listen, for the whispers beyond the four walls of the mind.


~ Law Of Completion ~ September 24th

There is a weight to life’s little in-completions.

We drag them around. Exhaust our energy.

When we seek to align to the universal Law of Completion, we tie off our loose ends. Willingly.

One little in-completion at a time.

We feel lighter. Less burdened. More spacious.  We free the energy in and around us.

Our body intuitively understands this.  For the nervous system is soothed, the heart is comforted and the mind less worried.

We align to the rejuvenating ways of Nature cycles.



~ Carole Bourne ~

Ritual Keeper. Slow Living. Writer.

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