Awaken your inner medicine by exploring my weekly offering of self healing. Read softly. With care. Feel in. It may well be the precise medicine you are needing today.  xox Carole

~ Weekly healing ritual ~

“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time”


~ Fresh Start ~

The ancient language of radiant Rosemary offers new beginnings. A fresh start. Clarity of thinking. Clear path. The courage to take the next right step.

Rosemary is rooted in grounded strength and an ability to weather all storms.

Her doctrine of signatures confirms this with bursts of needle like leaves.  Straight and confident. Determined, lush and abundant. The silver strip of colour underneath marks the clarity at which your path will be shown.  Sharpness of your thoughts. The determined flow of your journey.

~ Healing practice ~

Sip homemade Rosemary tonic as a New Moon ritual for strengthened clear direction.

Wash your hair in a Rosemary tonic to improve your memory and keep your thoughts clear.

Burn sprigs of dried Rosemary to clear negative energy, clear your thinking and clear the path ahead. Juniper essential oil is a lovely companion to Rosemary for cleansing.

Carry a sprig of Rosemary to strengthen the alignment of your inner compass.

May your connection to the plant kingdom be strengthened. xox  Carole

~ Beside my bed ~

Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Mosley.
I absolutely love this deck. Definately in my top 3 oracle decks. Such a soft, gentle and deeply nurturing energy.


Rejuvenation Lounge - Breath and Unwind

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