“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time”

:: Unhurried ::

We collect fast. 

Give it false importance.

Gather rushing, as a necessary ingredient for modern life.

  But there are consequences. How can there not be.

We are left skimming brutally across the surface of our own precious life.

Our  energy spread thin. Splintering off into all directions.

We fill with urgency.  Stimulation escalates. Nervous tension spikes. 

Our body braces itself.

We Tighten. Clench. Armour up. Grip. Harden.

:: prescription ::

Practice the pause.

Remember the breath.

Open the throat,

then open the lungs,

then open the belly.

Create space in your body.



:: Rest Your Eyes ::

Release the fatigue, the strain and build up of eye ball tension.

Lay down, close your eyes and place a yoga eye pillow (or folded scarf or hand towel), gently, over your weary eyes.

Give your eyes permission to be quiet, still and receive breath energy for a few moments.

Allow the gentle weight of the “eye pillow” therapeutically support your eyes, eye balls, eye lids to soften, relax and release.

Feel your eye balls willingly sink back into their spacious sockets, with each intentional exhale.

The flow on effect is organic and delicious. Temple and forehead tensions soften. Facial and skull muscles begin to relax. Jaw unlocks. Shoulders drop. You lighten your load.

Never underestimate the gentle restorative medicine of resting your eyes for a whole body experience.

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