“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time”


~ Three Taps On The Shoulder  ~ August 13th

What’s been circling you lately?

Grace and guidance from the divine, lives quietly on the distant edges of your awareness. In the shadows. Out of obvious view. Longing to be noticed. Heard. Felt. Pulled in closer. Embraced. Understood. Swallowed as a soulful tonic for life’s journey. 

She speaks many ancient tongues.  The language of nature, sound, colour, smell, shapes, images and the written word. Hinting at the next right step. 

She is always re-orientating you to your true north. The place where you feel most alive, most connected and most content.  She will show you the way when you slow things down a notch, breathe a true breath, and take time to sense her seemingly unreachable guidance.

So my question to you today is

“What’s been circling you lately?

If something has appeared in your life three times of late – it is time to stop. Take notice. Zoom in. 

~ Extra Alchemy  ~

Recall the last time you were nudged in the ribs, by an unseen presence, to pick up a book, flick through the pages, read a floating sentence that totally resonated and changed the trajectory of your life.  

Don’t rush past these feelings. Fleeting moments of being nudged in the ribs. We are not meant to figure it out on our own. Guidance, support is all around.

The simplest way to connect to divine guidance is to ask. Exchange dialogue with her wise fields of energy.  Ask. What is it I need to know today?

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~ Carole Bourne ~

Ritual Keeper. Slow Living. Writer.

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~ Guided meditations  ~

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