~ Weekly ritual ~

“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time”

~ Protective Shield ~

Guard your energy. Especially when exhausted or feeling vulnerable to harsh spaces and people. 

Honour your deserving body by keeping its energy fields clear and strong.

Prescribe a daily dose of earth medicine to yourself from the mineral and/or plant kingdom. 

Invoke their healing qualities with thoughtful intent and heartfelt union.

~ healing practice ~

Here’s a few of my favourite earth medicines at the moment.

Anoint the altar major chakra (back of the neck) with juniper essential oil first thing in the morning. Keep this sensitive vortex of energy clear and open.

Rub a drop of vetiver essential oil into your solar plexus (anti-clockwise).  Helps prevent inner strength energy leaks

Black tourmaline is the most protective crystal from the mineral kingdom. Keep a piece close by and shield yourself.  Also brings purifying white light to negative thoughts. Pop a piece under your pillow. 

Cleanse and purify your aura with the holy smoke of palo santo, white sage or your favourite energy  spray. Mine is the White Light Merkaba energy spray by Amanda Ellis in England. 


~ Guided meditations  ~

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