“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time”


: How To Arrive :

Before you begin.

Be still.

Plant yourself into the moment.  

Land.   With the wholeness of your being. Into the space around you.

Breathe outwards. Extend the breath beyond the edges of your skin. 

Soften and sink deeper into all that you are.

Wait for an internal Yes.

From your body.

Yes, I am here.

Now you can begin.

You have arrived.


: Three Taps On The Shoulder Theory : (last week)

What’s been circling you lately?  

It’s a seriously great question. Worthy of your contemplation. For life is always talking to us.  

Quietly on the distant edges of our awareness.  Out of obvious view. In the shadows. Behind the noise of life.  Longing to be noticed. Pulled in closer.  Seen up close.

For when something has popped up subtly at least 3 times recently in your life, the universe is most definately tapping you on the shoulder.  Offering up her guidance. Support. Wisdom. Alchemy. The next right step.

For me of late its been about re-visiting Caroline Myss’s first book  Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing.  I’ve not thought about nor read this book for over 10 years. Yet in the past few months its popped up time and time,and time again in conversation,

Okay, universe. I’m listening.  


~ Guided meditations  ~

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