Preparation of circle:

A few days prior to the full moon I am guided to start the preparation.  I cleanse the space with holy smoke (palo santo) and usually a healing spray.  

At the moment I am using a “letting go” spray which I sourced in Bali.  It has been blessed by a Balinese High Priest under the full moon.  It’s also infused with sodalite, clear quartz and amethyst.

Sometimes I come back a couple of times a day to cleanse  heavier hard to shift energies. When I get a sense that the space is holding a high clear vibration I begin crafting the circle.

Crafting the circle:

On an ancient wooden tray I begin placing crystals, oracle cards, oils, feathers, stones or whatever else the full moon goddess guides me to do.  I find the wood helps to earth and ground the healing circle.

The formation is always a circle but pattern of the mandala differs each month.  

Sometimes there are surprise additions, mantra’s to be played for hours on end or affirmations I need to chant into the pool of releasing energy.

Activating the circle:

I love this part.  I first light the candles.  Usually four for each of the main directions.

Holding my crystal wand I connect the circles energy with a series of spirals.  

There’s usually a great flurry of energy moving upwards and downwards before then sprawling outwards into all corners of the globe.

The distant healing circle is now activated pulsing energy outwards to the world. I then fine tune who receives this healing energy.

I then write everyone’s name individually on a piece of paper.  I hold your name in my hand, over the centre of the releasing circle, speak your name and stay open for any words, images or guidance shown to me (I shared this with you afterwards) I then place your name into the centre and move onto the next name.

The releasing circles are generally activate for around 5 days.   This of course depends on the guidance I receive.  10 days is the longest.  So please be patient with my reply to you.

I check in with everyone daily and may add further healing potions (oils, flower essences crystals etc) to your energy field.

Receiving feedback:

It often includes rituals or healing practices that are suggested would be helpful for you.