“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time

:: Give Yourself Permission To Change Course ::

Sometimes we narrow life.  Thin our outlook.

Get caught up on the linear journey.  The single path.

We forget there are always options.  Other choices.

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to change course.

Stand on the threshold of possibility.

Ask the question “Is there anything else calling me?”


:: Hear The Sound Of Your Breath ::

Pause and listen to the flow of your breath.

In and out.  In and out.  In and out. In and out.

It is quietly calming.  Brings you back to your centre.


:: Oxygenate Your Fragile Places ::

Rest your healing hands intuitively, anywhere on your body.  A place that feels  blocked, depleted or fragile.

Breathe into your body there.

Receive energy, light and breath there.

Open your inhale.  Deepen the receiving. 

Finish by planting a comforting prayer there.


:: Evening Ritual Of Softening ::

Many of you will know I recorded a few simple guided meditation rituals a while back to help settle, calm and shift your energy. Soften any harsh edges.  They are all free over on soundcloud.

Evening ritual of softening

I am medicine ritual

Slow rest



: Guided Meditations :

Click here for free guided meditations over on soundcloud

Evening ritual of softening

I am medicine ritual

Womb chakra releasing ritual

Slow rest


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