“Be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time

:: Evening Ritual Of Softening ::

Many of you will already know I recorded a few simple guided meditation rituals a while back to help settle, calm and shift your energy. Soften any harsh edges.  They are all free over on soundcloud.

Evening ritual of softening

I am medicine ritual

Slow rest


:: Mouth tension ::

Tight tongue equals tense thoughts.

Allow the tongue to soften and spread out inside the mouth. Whole tongue relaxes as it releases a layer of inner gripping and tightness.

Sense or notice  the subtle release down into the throat, across to the jaw, even neck and shoulders surrender their inner clenching a little.


:: Anti-anxiety Blue ::

There is a frequency in the colour blue known to soften the intensity of stress, worry and overwhelm.

In your minds eye, imagine a calming shade of blue. Breathe these blue rays through  your whole being. Give it time to soak patiently into the skin, bones, cells and corners of your mind.

In addition, you may like to rest your eyes on something blue.  Let it softly speak the healing language of colour to your nervous system and the deeper inner healer that lives within you.

Colour breathing is a subtle, yet potent ritual to settle and soothe your  emotional energy. Both physically and energetically.


:: Flame Medicine ::

Light a candle.

A gentle flame calms & slows everything down.

Gaze with soft, patient eyes into the flame. Feel held and supported by the strength of the flame.


:: Grounded Strength ::

Gather your endurance. 

Use your sense of smell to communicate a comforting and soothing message to your body.  A therapeutic aroma that whispers conserve your energy. Root down into the body. Ground.  Centre yourself.  Deep breaths.

Inhale cedarwood essential oil – slowly – when feeling fragile, fearful or not in your body. It will help to settle the charged energy pulsing through you.  Nourish a wired nervous system. Get you out of your head.

Carry a bottle with you.  Sniff often for a dose of calm strength.  Grounded thinking. Calm responses. Imagine the spirit of the cedarwood flowing into your lungs on the inhale, along your spine and down into legs.  Re-awakening a grounded strength within you.


:: Take Your Body For A Walk :: 

Walk to shift energy. 
Clear your thoughts. Surrender the stress.
Move life, through the bones of your body.

Walk to come back to your centre.
Ground yourself.  Settle rushed energy.
Call back your scattered thoughts.

Walk to meditate.
Focus only on the breath.
The nourishing inhales. The releasing exhales. The moments in between.

Dedicate your walk towards the medicine you need.

May walking and fresh air be your healer.


: Guided Meditations :

Click here for free guided meditations over on soundcloud

Evening ritual of softening

I am medicine ritual

Womb chakra releasing ritual

Slow rest


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