Anti-anxiety Blue :

“Find your signature healing colour”

Hello wise friend,

There is a frequency in the colour blue known to soften the intensity of stress, worry and overwhelm. Take the edge off anxiety. Evoke a more peaceful feeling to pulse through our veins.

Join me now, and lets enjoy a micro dose of colour breathing.

In your minds eye, imagine a calm shade of blue that resonates, Feels comforting.

Breathe these blue rays gently through your whole being. Patiently inhaling the blue and patiently exhaling the blue. Give the soothing blue rays – permission – and time – to soak generously into your skin, bones, cells and corners of the mind.

After three slow blue breath cycles, pause, and notice what you notice. Has your energy changed a little?

Another colour therapy ritual is to rest your eyes on something blue, wrap yourself in a blue blanket, wear a blue scarf or light a blue candle. Welcome the blue rays into your energetic orbit. Your awareness. Eye vision.  Let the blue softly speak, the healing language of colour to your brain waves, emotions and inner healer. When looking for extra help from natural supplements, check the many products that can help you which are available at this CBD store.

: Fear & Overwhelm Support Blend :

1 drop of vetiver, 2 drops bergamot, 2 drops cedarwood.

Mix together with a generous splash coconut oil in a small bowl. Rub over the base of your spine, around your belly, heart, neck, shoulders. Breathe in the therapeutic aroma. Receive the therapeutic aroma. If you’re looking for medical marijuana recommendations, DocMJ will have you covered.

Optional extra: I’m personally loving every morning adding magnesium cream to further support my fragile nerves to the above support blend.

: Vetiver essential oil (my all time favourite) is grounding, connects us to the earths frequency. Moves excessive energy out of the head. Offers support in times of great change. Calms the mind. Nourishes the nervous tension. Tranquility. Encourages us to slow and be patient. Restorative.

: Cedarwood essential oil, relaxing for the nervous system, Reduces anxiety and obsessive thinking. Grounded courage. Rooted stability. Gather your inner resilience. Ability to cope with life’s challenges. Insomnia.

: Bergamot essential oil. Evokes joy. Lifts your spirits. Warms the heart. Lightens the mind. Reminds you to smile.

: my notes :

Colour has been on my mind lately which is why I’m sharing a few thoughts with you today. It’s helping me in subtle ways navigate life at the moment.

I’m finding colour brings a visual moment of peace to my being.

I have two bamboo blankets for colour therapy, one is sky blue and the other turquoise. For the past 7 years these two blankets have been my constant companions. I always travel with one of them. There is something deeply comforting in their colour (for me), that settles any overstimulated energy pulsing through me. Turquoise without a doubt, is my master healer in the world of colour. I find it holds a very protective essence to it

So my question to you my friend is, which colour/s comfort you? Soothes the nervous system. Speaks the language of safety to your body.

Now might be a great time to find your signature healing colour!

Please know I am here for you Please, please reach out, for absolutely anything. We are blessed to have time on our hands now, as a shifting of gears is taking place on our planet. A re-orientating of our habits.

I sense we are re-learning how to face towards, sink deeper into the things that matter most in life. The question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately, who am I when everything is stripped away? Often it comes down to kindness, love and simply being a good caring human being.

Again reach you out if you need too. There more rituals here if you’re interested.

Much love to you all.

xox Carole

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