: Inward :

true power
is living
the realization
that you are your own
healer, hero and leader

Hello wise friend,

I believe the right words, at the right time, always appear. After all, life is always talking to us.

I’m talking about words that seek us out. Have a desire to be seen, pulled in closer. Drunk. Understood.

Words that ask us to stand up straight. Take notice.

Words that seep into our interior. Speak the language of our soul. Awaken dormant corners. Clear the fog. Help us see the bigger picture. Brighten our horizons.

Words that soothe a worried heart, help us feel safe again or offer comfort a weary body

Inward by Yung Peublo has all these qualities. It’s a collection of poems, prose and short essays. You may have come across his book. I’m sure many of you have already read it, but if you haven’t, I highly recommend. It’s a keeper. A companion for life. Medicinal words to read as a tonic. A little pick me up.

Here’s a couple of my favourite verses to give you an idea of his style.


I am at my strongest

when I am calm


fear seeks control

revenge prolongs pain

animosity disrupts peace

compassion ignites healing

honesty releases burden

happiness is letting go


how to lead yourself.

  1. develop a relationship with your intuition
  2. have the courage to follow it’s guidance

the body knows what it requires.


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Okay, that’s it from me at the moment.

Much love to you from Bali. xox Carole

p.s and yes, that’s a picture of me below in France last year eating lunch on our verandah. Not sure who I”m channeling but it was an unusually hot day for September hence the scarf on my head.


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