In a world deficient of full stops.  Pause. Take one slow full breath. 

Hello wise friend,

I know quite a few of you will recognise the door pictured above. Especially if you have been on retreat with me in Bali.  

It’s the hobbit like portal into one of my happy places.  A space where unknown words pour out of me, onto paper.  A cafe that nurtures my creative spirit and happens to serve the best chai tea with cashew milk in the world.  

I can exhale here. Empty my lungs. Let go of the holding on.

I take all my Bali Slow Rest retreats guests here.  It’s not negotiable.  For it’s a whole body experience.  A richness for the five senses.  

On retreat I guide the movement of your breath a lot.  It’s the foundation of slow rest.  Staying with your breath. Feeling into your breath.  Witnessing the rhythm and patterns of your breath.  Emptying the breath. Opening the breath. Back breathing. Alternate lung breathing. Side rib breathing. Organ breathing.  Belly breathing.  Smiling breath. Skin breathing. Diaphragm breathing. Apana breathing. Shakti breathing.  Weighted breath therapy. Infusing the breath with prayer and affirmations.

Breath is everything.

Breath is the most astonishing medicine that lives within us.   Responding instantly to our every request.

Pause for a moment

– and decide what “kind of” breath your life, your body, your heart is needing most, right now.

: Begin With Breath :

It always starts with a breath. How can it not.

An intentional breath.

A purposeful breath.

A cleansing breath.

An empty your lungs and let it all go breath.

A restorative breath.

A fill your lungs with oxygen breath

A shift your energy breath.

A, drop your shoulders and un-clench your jaw breath.

A, let’s slow down and sigh loudly breath.

A, be kind to your body breath.

A, call back your scattered energies breath.

A full stop breath.

Another full stop breath.

A sit and gather your thoughts and sip tea breath.

A, I am listening breath.

A reminder to be patient breath.

A, no need to rush breath.

A, I can do this kinda breath.

A, yes breath.

Another yes breath.

An exchange energy with the earth breath.

A, breathe into your heels and ground breath.

A, move life thru your body breath. 

A, keep releasing. Keep opening. With breath.

A prayer filled breath.

A, hands on heart, “I trust” breath

A, hands on heart “I trust in the flow of my life” breath.

Another, I trust in the flow of my life breath.

Feel safe, feel held, and feel divinely supported when you remember the Big medicine in every single one of your inhales and every single one of your exhales.   

Your breath is stronger, more magical and more therapeutic than you think.

That’s it from me for the moment.  If you are a seeker of therapeutic rituals I do share more often on instagram

Behind the scenes here at Rejuvenation Lounge I’m searching for a couple more slow rest retreat venues.  Tasmania is calling me.  So is Daylseford (country Victoria) and New Zealand.  Let’s see which venues tug at my heart and align to the essence of slow rest.

Oh, and I’m still answering your questions from last blog post which you can read here.  If I haven’t replied yet, I will very soon.   It is something I do not want to rush.  I prefer to sit with your energy, sit with your question and then offer one or two rituals to support your journey.

Much love.

xox  Carole


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