Retreat To Move Forward:

“If the ocean can calm itself so can you, we are both salt water mixed with air” Nayyirah Waheed

Hello wise friend,

There is a constant sense of urgency in the air these days.  A background feeling of having to rush to the next moment. An invisible external force pushing us.  It collides abruptly with our sense of self. Our inner world. We fragment and scatter.  Breathe half breaths and have trouble grounding.  The external world dominates and our internal world dims.

Over 25 years ago, a wise old practitioner (can’t remember his name) gave me a formula for re-setting my energies and staying close to myself. 

The prescription was 1/2 an hour a day, 1/2 a day a week, 1 day a month and 1 week a year.  

This simple therapeutic prescription is the very essence of my Slow Rest retreats.  It’s about appreciating the enormous value to our mental, physical and spiritual health in retreating regularly.  Crafting breathing space.  Putting time aside to gather our thoughts. Catch our breath. Ground and centre. Space to release what we need to release.  Space to receive what we need to receive.  

So my friend if you are needing a week of breathing space,  the dates for my 2019 Slow Rest retreats in France and Bali are up on my website.  The retreats are  small. For woman only.  Focused on giving you an authentic deep rest experience, and  I’ll be there with you every step of the way.  Asking you (a lot)  to let your breath breathe you.  Sigh and soften.  Surrender the heavyness.  A gentle rhythm of relaxing, releasing and receiving.

Click here for Bali Slow Rest retreats 2019.

Click here for French Equinox Slow Rest retreats 2019.

As, I write this too I’m about to head off to Bali for my last retreat for the year so I’d thought I’d share a photo from the last retreat in Bali (it’s the picture above).  In case you don’t know what I look like, I have the glasses on my head, dark hair. The other divine woman was a retreat guest.  We were sharing a tender and truely life changing moment after experiencing a Melakud ceremony.  A water cleansing and purification ritual by a Hindu Balinese Priest. As you can see by the photo the moment was palpable.

Anyway, it would be beyond wonderful if you were able to join me at one of the retreats next year.  

Much love.  xox  Carole

,Weekly ritual from the archives

~ Retreat To Move Forward ~

One of the best ways to move forward in life is to retreat first.

A devotional ritual for body honouring.

A ritual for coming back to your centre. Gathering your thoughts. Staying close to yourself.

A fortifying pause to gather your scattered energies and replenish your frayed weary edges.

As you retreat you organically craft the rare elixir of Spaciousness.  

A direct portal to receiving.  Merge deeper into your inner medicine and intuitive guidance. Slow time so your body may receive that which it needs.

Space to gather your thoughts. 
Space to breathe a patient breath. 
Space to digest life. 
Space to ground and calm. 
Space to empty and shed the heavyness. 
Space for the body to speak. 
Space for the ears to listen. 
Space for the “new” to be born or the “ancient” to be remembered. 
Space to refine your flow. Merge deeper into your inner medicine and intuitive guidance.

Slow Rest Retreat Formula:

1/2 an hour a day.

1/2 a day a week.

1 day a month.

1 week a year


~ Carole Bourne ~

Slowing Living. Ritual Keeper. Writer.


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