Inhale me, whispers the wise fragile morning air. There is medicine in my breeze. Healing in my unseen touch. Wisdom around my edges”

Hello wise friend,

Without a doubt, there is a gracious presence that fills the early morning air.  A sacred quiet. It’s pure.  Uncomplicated. The veil noticeably thin between other realms.  A sense of being connected to something far greater than ourselves. Even held.

Rush through your first waking moments and miss this portal of pure potential.

I’m writing to you today from Ubud, Bali (I have 3 slow rest retreats coming up) and I am reminded (every single time I come here) of the nourishing qualities that delicately waft through the early morning air.  So surprise, surprise the weekly ritual ( below) is all about sourcing early morning energy as a ritual for inner nourishment and insights.  

I also lean towards the early mornings holding more of a receiving energy, and the early evening holding more of a releasing energy.  Do you agree?

Lastly, its been so wonderful to connect with many of you over on instagram.  If you haven’t dropped by yet to say hello please do.  I love sharing the behind the scenes at my retreats and rituals I’m playing with at the moment.

Sending blessings to you on the eve of a brilliant full moon. 

May you be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time. xox  Carole

Weekly Ritual – April 30th 2018

~ Source Early Morning Energy ~

Wake gently, and inhale me whispers the wise fragile early morning air.

There is medicine in my breeze. Healing in my unseen touch. Wisdom around my edgesr

Listen slowly, whispers the fragile early morning air.  Linger in my presence. There are soft wise words reaching out to you. Longing to be touched. Words from higher realms. 

Feel into me, whispers the fragile early morning air. There is a deeply replenishing energy I’m longing to shower upon you. Call me in closer with your breath and let us merge. 

Wake slowly. Do not rush into your day.  And let us Trust in the gentler path.

~ Healing practice ~

Simply refresh your energy.  Release any heavy or disturbed energy from the night by breathing the pure uncomplicated early morning air through your bone body. From the top of your head down through to the tips of your toes. Repeat slowly for at least 2 minutes.

There is no better time to journal than alongside the companionship of the early morning energy. 

Sip your first hot drink of the day and simply be, before the energy of the day speeds up. It creates slow space for that which needs to be heard in the uncluttered air of the early morning.

Wake slowly.  Stay in bed. If only for a few minutes. Release your morning prayers or wisdom words when the veil is still thin between the two worlds.  May they be carried with gusto out into the universe on the protective breeze of the early morning.


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