“I don’t know the next right step but something inside me does” Tracey Jackson/Paul Williams

Hello wise friend,

We forget to a s k. 

And exchange dialogue with other wise fields of energy.

We forget to a s k. 

Part the clouds. Notice fresh horizons. Open new doors. Seek alternate pathways. Lighter pathways. 

We forget to a s k.

And stay open to receiving.  More breath, oxygen, prana – life force energy.

Instead we armour up. Tighten our grip. Soldier on. Hold the breath. Contract our energy. Grip our stomachs. Disconnect. The heart collapses. We become a limited version of ourself.

We forget to a s k.

For guidance. Support.  A leg up. The next piece of  life’s mysterious puzzle.

We’re not meant to figure it all out – on our own. 

We forget to a s k.

Source white light.  Raise our vibration. Brighten our glow. Shine from the heart.

We forget to a s k.

And embrace the magical collaborative dance with other wise fields of energy.  The universe. Mother nature. Divine mother. Source. Great spirit. God. Archangels.  Life. Whatever your name for its many, many different forms.

We forget to a s k.

And stay in close communication with our own beautiful intelligent body.  

It’s always speaking.  Sharing tiny seeds of healing that lay within our wisdom bones.  Are you listening?

To  a s k  is a simple, yet life changing ritual that supports both, you and I, moving forward in holy partnership with the mystical unseen energies around, above, below and within us.

All too easily we forget. Get swept up in a force called busyness, distraction and over stimulation. Leaving no space for our spiritual health and soul’s journey.

Do I hear an “amen”

~ Healing Practice ~

How – and – who – you ask comes in so many, many different forms. Explore. Play. See what sticks. Speaks deeply to you. Is aligned with your highest truths.

Here’s a few asking rituals to re-remember:

Place your hands on your heart.  Zoom in.  Rest your breath on the heart.  Ask your heart what it needs most today. Be still.  Feel in. Listen patiently. 

Ask your breath. To help you let it go. Release.  Surrender the stress and weight of life.

Ask your favourite oracle deck. Make the moment sacred. Light a candle or smudge. Breathe in rhythm with the deck then ask your question.  Draw one card for prescriptive insight. Draw three cards – one for body, one for mind, one for soul.  My favourite deck at the moment is Kuan Yin by Alana Fairchild and Vintage Wisdom.

Ask a wild stone.  Find a wild stone. Hold the stone in the cauldron of your palms. Close your eyes. Feel into the deep ancient grounded earth energy of the ancient wild stone.  Ask the stone how you can feel more grounded, centred and calmer on the inside.  Read more about stone medicine here.

Ask your higher self.  Pick up a pen. Breathe light and energy down through your hand, finger chakra’s and pen.  Ask a question. Let the words spill out onto the page. Unfiltered. Messy. Jumbled. Trust in the process of automatic writing. See with fresh eyes.

Ask the universe. Hands in prayer pose. “Show me, guide me, I am ready to move forward.  And so it is”.  Stay open and expanded throughout the day so the guidance has space to move through you.

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May you be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time. xox  Carole


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~ Carole Bourne ~

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