Daily Devotion To Allowing:

“You are the sky. Everything else is just weather” Pema Chodron

Hello my wise friend,

Lately I’ve been bowing each morning.  Whole body bowing, into mother earth and surrendering into the day.

It’s a wonderful feeling. You must try it sometime.

It brings a soft quality of allowing into the fabric of your day.  A gentle wave of trusting the flow of your life.  Offering spaciousness for new possibilities and a healthy protective buffer for all the unexpected bumps, detours and uncertainties of life.

Bowing with my whole body, head lower than heart, I release any internal gripping, clenching or forcing I notice.

I stay soft and open. I give permission for the day to unfold as life intends.  Life to flow through me.

Bowing into mother earth councils my mind to relax, back off a little, don’t over think so much.  Go with the flow. Trust that life supports me. Always.

Bowing creates a beautiful quality of spaciousness in and around me. I stay open and available to my intuition and divine guidance. I get out of my own way.

When I bow I am in my heart. Not my head. I have a deep sense of being connected to my soul and something much greater than myself. I inhale this presence deep into my being. I no longer feel seperate.

A full body bow is a daily devotion to letting go, surrendering to the uncertainties of life, staying open and trusting in grace.

As Pema Chodron says “You are the sky, everything else is just weather” or another favourite of mine “If you’re invested in security and certainty, you are on the wrong planet”.  Bless her wisdom.

healing ritual :

Sit back on your legs.  Fold forward and exhale. Let go on the out breath, into mother earth. Feel your body release. Exhale through the mouth. Sigh if you need too. Make a loud noise if you need too. Give yourself permission to drop into the release.

My ritual looks something like this.

As I bow with my whole body, into mother earth, I sigh, soften and surrender.

I get out of my own way. I create space.

As I bow with my whole body, into the earth, I sigh, soften and surrender for a second time.

I drop down into my body. Expand my energy field. Access my light frequency. Deepen my breath. I open myself up to a kinder, less rushed gentler flow. I invoke a quality of expanded trust and allowing.

As I bow with my whole body, into the earth, I sigh, soften and surrender for a third time.

I repeat a prayer like this one  “I trust in the flow of my life” and vow to stay open to divine guidance and intuitive messages throughout my day.

May the medicine in your Rise my friend xox  Carole


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