Beautiful poem from Milk and Honey by rupi kaur

I collect words.  You might too!  Shy words. Bold words. Precious polished words. Go it alone words. Small gatherings of words.

I collect words that stop me in my tracks. Speak a hidden language beyond the veil of their obvious meaning.

I collect words that blanket me in a Higher truth. Shine light on my path. Words that silently change me forever. Ruffle my wings. Re-orientate me closer to the Higher me. Words that whisper, be still, listen in, I have something important to tell you.

I collect words that soul speak. You might too! Words that seek me out. Give me a little wink. Fall at my feet. Trip me over. Ask to be seen. Demand to be noticed. Held tightly, understood and journeyed with.

Higher words are gifts from the universe.  Stand up straight when you meet these words. Bow before their presence. Grab them with both hands. Don’t rush past them lost forever. Write them down. Tie them up in a bow. Sleep with them. Journey with them. Commune with them. Sink deeper into their mystery. Keep them close by – for as long as you need too. Some are keepers. Others are just passing through.  Their timing always impeccable.

I believe Higher words are a therapeutic tonic.  Unique and healing – to you and only you.  Sometimes they speak to your thinking mind, sometimes to your heart, sometimes to your body, other times to your soul. Let them enter where they need too rest.

Higher words often speak of comfort to a troubled mind.  Soothe an aching heart.  Offering up solutions in times of confusion, emptiness or illuminate the next right step for your growth.

Higher words simply take you on a journey onward and upwards. Stay awake for them.

~ Healing practice ~

The art of collecting Higher words is simple. They arrive in two ways.

(1)  Higher word/s that you deliberately seek out to journey with for a day, month, season or year.   I call them companion words.  It’s usually one word but can be two or three. There are no rules. Each new moon I choose a companion word to journey with for the next moon cycle.  At the moment my companion word comes from the oracle deck Grace Cards.


(2) Higher words that seek you out. Circle you three times.  Tug at your intuition.

When you get “that” feeling – grab a pen – write it/them down.  All too often they zoom by quickly, lost forever. It might be one word, two words, a sensational sentence, quote or heart felt poem.  The number of words does not matter, its all about the feeling on the inside.

Know that intuition is felt in the body first and then illuminated in your third eye.  So please don’t worry if you don’t understand why you feel a connection to the words, simply trust, write them down and journey with them.

Give the words space to speak.  Keep them beside your bed, journal with them, meditate on them or collect them for when you are in need of their healing ways.  Time will reveal their purpose to you.

May the word medicine in you rise my friend xox Carole

And do let me if you are also a collector of Higher words.

~ What I’m loving at the moment ~

Well my friend I know the Grace Cards by Cheryl Richardson have been around for about a decade now.  I’ve played with them on and off over the years digitally (they are free on-line) but I was recently searching for an oracle deck that was simple and focused on one word with one truth for my recent Slow Rest Retreat and so I purchased this beautiful deck.  I love this deck. It’s a caring and gentle new addition to my always growing oracle collection of 30 years.


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