” Be faithful to your intuition”

Hello my intuitive friend,

I’m dropping by today to share a rather special healing ritual with you. It’s gathering big momentum in my life at the moment.  I think you’ll love it. And it’s very timely.

The words fell from the heavens and landed, plonk, straight into my lap. There was no escaping the continuous chant of anoint your intuition, anoint your intuition, anoint your intuition. I listened. I wrote them down.  I’ve been collecting lots of words lately. As you do!

As the words snuggled up close, like the promise that we’re going to be best buddies, a beautiful new ritual was effortlessly birthed. Her medicine stunning.


: Anoint your intuition :

Acknowledge the presence of the other voice within.  

Your inner sight.  Intuitive pulse. Guiding light.

Embrace her subtle yin presence and illuminating ways with the ancient ritual of anointing.  She will always respond.

Offer up a prayer of welcoming and breathe life, energy and appreciation into your intuitive channels.  She will always respond.

Awaken your intuition’s pulsing aliveness and guiding ways.  Anoint your third eye with the purifying essential oil of juniper.  She will always respond.

Keep your belly open and spacious so you can my feel the first tingling sensations of your intuition rising.

: Healing practice :

Offer a prayer of welcoming to your intuition:

Hands in prayer pose. Thumbs resting over your third eye.

I bow in honour of your deep presence and guiding ways.

May our connection be strong.

May our communication be clear.

May we thrive and shine light on that which needs to be seen.

After each prayer of welcoming  rub a drop of juniper essential oil (mixed with a little coconut oil if your skin is sensitive) into your third eye.

Spend a few moments massaging your third eye in a gentle spiralling motion with the oil,  Take your time. Focus the breath here.  Rest your awareness here.

If you don’t have time or feel comfortable with the prayer simply anoint your third eye with juniper essential oil.  Your intuition will respond.

Iolite is a potent crystal from the mineral kingdom to help awaken your third eye.

Please let me know what you think or share your own experience.

And if you’re looking a little soothing you might like to listen to one of my guided meditations on soundcloud.

May your intuitive medicine rise. xox  Carole


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