Sound Exhaustion:


“Notice the quality of your sound life”

Call it what you like. Sound fatigue. Sound trauma. Sound exhaustion. Sound sensitivity.

Our sense of sound is often an abused sensory organ.

Sound agitations are everywhere. Noise distractions are constant. Mindless listening is epidemic. The depleting fraying effects on our nervous system, mind and vibrational frequency are many.

Sound trauma is real for many gorgeous souls. It lingers silently in our nervous system.

So today I write and suggest you may like to pause, exhale a releasing sigh and spend a few moments tuning into the quality of your sound life.  It’s certainly what I’ve been doing lately, so no surprises I’m writing about it today.

Notice if your thinking has become hard, scattered or restless from the overwhelm of constant noise pollution around you?  Literally no space to think.

Is your nervous system stuck on high alert, wired for stress from the constant harassment of noise stimulation? It’s everywhere.

Does your nervous system hold noise trauma from harsh or demanding words either directed at you or around you?  Demanding people. Angry people. Word abuse.

Have your ear chakra’s become dimmed by the never ending pulse of urban commotion and the constant chatter of your own thoughts. Drowning out the very voice of your soul, guidance from the universe.  Intuitive listening lost.

I share a few simple sound healing practices below that might resonate with you.  But really we are all unique.  Above all else, listen to your body and listen to your sense of sound. One or both will know the next right step towards restoring harmony and pleasure to the alchemy of your hearing. Trust in your inner sounds.

Healing practices:

Rewire your sense of hearing and repair a damaged nervous system with sound medicine that soul speaks.

  • Rest your ears on silence.
  • Rest your ears on the sound of your own breath.
  • Rest your ears on the sound of nature. A true healing tonic.
  • Rest your ears on the sound of a healing mantra. Gobinda Hari Hari is my favourite at the moment.
  • Rest your ears and eyes on a flickering flame.
  • Clear ear tension. Read my weekly ritual for this beautiful healing practice.

Find your quiet place. Your sound sanctuary. Visit there often.

Slowly, slowly over time you will begin to dissolve the imprint of sound trauma and agitations that have lodge in the memory of your body and nervous system. You might also like to revisit and previous blog post therapeutic ear massages.

As always, be your own medicine, one breath, one pause and one healing ritual at a time time.  

May the  medicine in you rise my friend. xox  Carole


~ Carole Bourne ~

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I am a writer. I am a ritual keeper.  I shine light.


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