Hum To Clear Your Head And Feel More Peaceful:

Humming creates a wonderful circuit of energy in your body re-vitalizing its cells and charging its chakra’s” Deva Premal

Humming is medicine for your whole body.  Its therapeutic – and one of the easiest ways to refresh your thinking and clear your head, especially if you haven’t got time to go for a long walk.

It can be done anywhere, anytime and is incredibly soothing for your whole being. 

Whilst humming may seem a little weird at first, trust me, you can’t help but notice the therapeutic effects it will be having, almost instantly, on your body.

As you begin to hum you’ll notice your shoulders start to drop, your muscles start to un-clench and relax particularly around your cheeks, eyes, jaw, nose, throat and neck.

Humming invites your body to release and let go. It really is a little explosion of magic that starts in your mouth.


Feel more peaceful humming meditation:

Place one hand gently on top of your head, and the other hand resting gently on your stomach.

Close your eyes if that feels more comfortable.

Now inhale, and hum gently on the exhale.  No racing or rushing. Simply hum at a pace and rhythm that is right for you today.

Feel the vibration of the hum move to your hand on top of your head.

Feel the vibration of the hum move to your hand resting on stomach.

Notice, how effortlessly your body starts to respond by releasing, letting go and relaxing.

Optional extra:

Direct the vibration of the hum to any area of your body where you feel the energy is stuck, blocked or super tight.



Therapuetic benefits:

1. Clears out the cob webs from every corner of your brain.

2. Slows your breathing and thoughts down.

3. Activates the parasympathetic nervous system (triggers the relaxation response in your body)

4. Feel more peaceful on the inside.  Humming helps to clear any restless or agitated energy you may be feeling on the inside.

5. Refreshes your thinking.  Dissolves worry, racing thoughts and anxiousness. When you are humming there is no room for worry or fear.

7. Helps to release stress and worry being held in and around your stomach area.  Your stomach will start to un-clench, release and soften.


The DVD I’m loving at the moment:

Last week my latest order from Amazon arrived.  The DVD is called Kundalini Yoga to Detox and Destress with Maya Fiennes. I’m  new to kundalini so still learning.  Its very different to any other kind of yoga. Maya uses lots  of movement, mantra’s and breathing.  There’s sequences to detoxify kidneys, strengthen adrenals and get the energy flowing up and down your spine.  Most of the exercises are done sitting on a mat.   My body certainly feels  more alive and awake.



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