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Boost Your Energy: - Rejuvenation Lounge

Boost Your Energy:

Low energy, exhaustion and fatigue are at epidemic levels.  Now is not the time to suck it in, grit your teeth, clench your fists and press on. Get wise and stop (or reduce) all unnecessary energy drains.  It’s time to get clever and start rebuilding your personal energy levels now.

All suggestions below I have successfully applied to my own life. Some are a work in progress, like avoiding energy vampires, gossip and simplifying my life.

I strongly encourage you to start with getting rid of your excess stuff.  You’ll be amazed at how much energy you claim back instantly.   The lighter the energy in your home, the clearer your thoughts, the less distractions and the more prepared you’ll be energetically for tackling other habits and areas of your life. I recommed that is you want to be more active during the day then look for someone that can Sell Gym Equipment.

Enjoy, the tips and start boosting your energy now.

12 changes you can make now to boost your energy:

1: Lift your worry with a kindness mantra:

Worry drains your energy.  If you are a worrier (like me) or an over-thinker – a mindful habit in the form of a mantra/affirmation,  can turn excess mental exhaustion  into a positive energy giving experience. Obviously the more you repeat this mantra the more positive energy will be fueling your body, mind and soul with.

“May I be free of worry, May I be well, May I feel safe and at ease, May I be at peace”

2: Calm the energy in your bedroom:

To wake feeling refreshed, the energy in your bedroom needs to feel deeply, deeply calming to all your senses. Your bedroom is not a multi-purpose room.  Remove all things that might overstimulate your mind and body (e.g too many books, bright colours or lighting,  work papers, TV, computer, exercise equipment).

Clutter drains your energy. Uplift and lighten the energy in your room by throwing out or giving away all unused, unwanted, unloved, broken or doesn’t fit stuff from your bedroom.

Remove as many electrical appliances from your bedroom as possible, particularly around your head area. Turn everything off at the wall at night.  Do not recharge gadgets next to your head while you sleep.  Electromagnetic currents from electrical gadgets can interfere with your health and well-being.

* The ultimate rejuvenation recipe for your bedroom:

3: Eat for energy:

Eating consciously is a very easy way to refuel your body with energy.  Avoid dead, frozen, tinned and lifeless food.  Do your best to cook your meals from scratch, buy at local farmers markets, never skip breakfast and eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible.

Always eat sitting down in a relaxed environment to support your digestive system. Do not multi task while eating. Go brown and eat a full range of colours in every meal.  White bread is an energy sucker.

* 12 habits of mindful eating:

* Energy suckers v energy givers:

4: Is your stuff zapping your energy?

Your stuff can be a burden, suck your time, energy and consume your focus (more than you think).

The less things you have to store, clean, insure, repair and look after, the more time you have to do what you love doing and the more energy you will have.  Life was not meant to be spent buying and looking after stuff.

* Six excellent reasons to uncomplicate your life:

5: Trust your gut and know when to walk away:

Your gut will tell you when to walk away from a situation, politely say no, change TV channels or turn it off.  Listening to your intuition and trusting “that feeling” in your stomach will prevent you from wasting buckets loads of energy on  people, places, TV, computer distractions, and many other situations. A big energy drainer for me is large indoor shopping centres. If I am there any longer than 1/2 an hour I’m drained.

* Limit yourself to toxic people

6: Ask for more hugs:

Touch is healing that’s why hugs are healthy.  Hugs nourish your sense of touch, comfort, calm and relax you in stressful times. Hugs simply fuel your heart with the good stuff and boost your energy.   Are you suffering from skin hunger? 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs a day for growth.

* 10 hugging tips to grab on the run

* 20 ways to be kinder to yourself:

7: Go on a gossip diet:

Gossip is one of the biggest energy drainers around.  Giving your attention to gossip plugs you into it.  Receiving or sharing toxic gossip weakens your immune system and diminishes your boundaries. When your boundaries are compromised you have difficulty connecting to your centre, you feel scattered and pushed around by life.

8: Stop letting technology drain you:

Technology is everywhere. It’s busy, fast, flashy, instant, noisy, demanding and very, very stressful when it doesn’t work. Technology can push you to go faster when you don’t want too and keep you up late at night.

Technology doesn’t know boundaries so its up to you to create a healthy distance between you and your technology.

Have a technology free weekend with no computer, mobile phone etc.  Test it, and see how much energy you claim back.

9: Vitamin B12 boosts energy:

“Try B12 instead of coffee” Dr Mercola

I recently had my bloods tested for nutrient levels and discovered I was low in B12.   This is normal for me being vegetarian.  24 hours after having my B12 shot my energy levels improved greatly.  I then did a little research and found a fabulous video by Dr. Mercola explaining the energy benefits of B12.

Did you know that vitamin B12 is the largest vitamin that we know of, which is why it is not so easy to absorb. I personally have an injection every 3 months but apparently there are new oral sprays of B12 which I’m keen to try, if you have old gym equipment then contact a Gym Equipment Repairs company.

I highly recommend getting your blood tested for nutrient levels e.g iron, calcium, vitamin D etc.  It’s a much more accurate way of knowing you are well nourished rather than just taking a multi vitamin and hoping for the best.

10: Release the toxic burden from your body:

Sweat once a day.  Sweating regenerates your skin and helps detox the body.  Couple this with drinking lots of water and you are well on the way to gently detoxifying your body and releasing stagnant energy from your body. Less toxins equals more energy.

* Three easy one minute detox rituals:

* Five simple ways to detox your body naturally:

11: Lack of water; reason for day time fatigue:

A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy thinking.  Lack of water is claimed to be the number one reason for day time fatigue.

Muscles are 75% water, blood around 84% water, and bones 22% water.  Water is essential for carrying waste material out of your body.  If waste remains in your organs and body you will feel tired and sluggish.

* 10 tips to grab on the run for staying hydrated:

12: Move your body:

When I exercise or walk regularly I have more energy.  When I skip a week or not I notice a difference in my energy levels.  Exercise improves blood circulation, refreshes my mind, improves sleep and oxygenates my body.  I love my yoga and walks on our local beach.  Find a regular practice that suits you. e.g Qi gong, tai chi, pilates, aeoribics, belly dancing or latin dancing.  Anything that gets your body moving.

* 100 wise tips to feel better now:


One thought on “Boost Your Energy:

  1. Thanks Carole – this is JUST what I NEED right now. I wondered about B12 for energy – once upon a time I was on B12 injections twice a week. At the moment, I’m not sure if I need to rest or whether I need to do something more about how tired I’m feeling.

    I can so relate to the clutter draining energy – I’m really trying to work on that one at the moment too.

  2. Hiya

    Great article.
    useful reminders for me in 1 and 8. There’s only one thing I will add: Learning deep Relaxation. As I’m sure you know, for some people it helps release tension, encourages regular breathing and provides more energy.
    I’m tweeting a link to this post.

    thanks and have a great weekend


  3. Hi Jens,

    Yes agree with deep relaxation. In fact I could easily kept adding more. I actually deleted 5 at the last minute as it was becoming more like a book than an article.

    Peace, love and chocolate


  4. Water is so important. I notice a big difference in my energy levels and clarity of mind when I drink plenty of water, vs. neglecting to drink enough.

    One challenge in this area is for those of us who work in retail: At least here in the States, it seems pretty common for management to tell cashiers and other retail employees that they can’t have beverages out on the floor. I can understand not wanting open cups or cans, risking spillage on merchandise or machines, but a sealed water bottle shouldn’t be a problem. Some say, oh, it looks bad to the customers if they see an employee drinking–at which point I have to say that if it bothers the customers that much, too bad. I prefer to have healthy kidneys, brain, and body!

    Despite all the medical advice to drink 6 to 8 glasses a day, it seems we still need to keep getting the word out to people: DRINK WATER!

    Thanks for another good post.

  5. Working on the clutter and letting go of stuff, not just an energy drain but a time drain too

    Why some days do I forget to drink those 2 liters of water? Know it stuffs up my body. Maybe it is a weather thing to

    Have stumbled for you too


    PS will I see you on Tuesday night?

  6. Lightening,

    A great book to get from the library is called Womens Body Womens Wisdom by Christiane Northrup.

    It’s extremely thick but excellent and very holistic.

    It may just be what you need to get more clues as to why you are tired.



  7. Hi

    I am using a b12 oralspray at this moment for a week now..I will let is work for some time to see waht is happening.why I use it, I get this needles and pins on my skin and some research indicate a deificiency of B12. If anyone can add some advice I will be gratefull.

    Koos De Klerk
    South Africa.

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