A Valuable Tool For A Worried Mind:

i trust

“Trust yourself, you know more than you think” by Benjamin Spock

 There is something quite magical about the word trust.  Repeating the words, I trust quietly to yourself three times, will relieve a worried mind.  It encourages you to let go, relax and trust with the flow and higher purpose of your life. It never, ever fails me.

Due to some unexpected things that have been happening around me (nothing too serious) I trust, has become one of my favourite mantras.  As a way to cope and relieve some of the sudden stress, I’ve been repeating these two words, often.

Believe me, it works, even if you don’t feel like trusting and can’t possibly see any brightness of future.

Once you start repeating this very simple mantra, a few things are likely to happen. Firstly, you may notice how the words I trust gives you a feeling of being comforted.  Secondly your  breathing will begin to slow down.  This is a good sign.  Thirdly, your scrambled thoughts have no choice but to calm down once your breathing has slowed.

As Florence Scovel Shinn says “Your word is your wand”.

Simply by repeating these two words a chain reaction takes place flowing through your body and mind and then into your life.

I trust I believe, is a great tool for stress, depression, anxiety, confusion, upset and the unexpected.

Now is the perfect time to trust in the flow of your life:

  • Trust that you are meant to be reading this article, right here, right now.
  • Trust that its OK to let go
  • Trust your intuition more often
  • Trust there is something better out there for you
  • Trust that when you are stuck in traffic it is for a very good reason
  • Trust that you have plenty of time, even if you think you are running out of time
  • Trust that illness is simply your bodies ways of getting your attention
  • Trust that worrying does not change the situation at all
  • Trust that you have the energy and strength to carry on
  • Trust that no matter how awful a situation is, there is a hidden blessing
  • Trust you have a choice
  • Trust the universe is there to support you
  • Trust that everything is going to be OK

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