Shake Off Your Afternoon Slump:



This is perfect for rejuvenating your tired body and awesome for healthy aging. It’s a great resting posture with endless benefits that invites calm, nourishment and rejuvenation back into your body. Most importantly it soothes your nervous system, rests your heart, calms your mind and strengthens your immune function.

Spend as little as 5 minutes or linger longer for up to 15 minutes. The best part is you don’t have to do anything except get comfortable, close your eyes and breathe. If you are home with young children ask them to join you. They will love it.

Relaxation Yoga:

Once a week I indulge in a relaxation yoga class or as it is technically called restorative yoga.  For 1 1/2 hours we let it all go and chill out in a variety of very restful positions.  It is bliss.  If you are keen to learn more about restful yoga I can highly recommend a book called Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times by Judith Hanson Lassater.  Its the bible of restful yoga and filled with lots of photo’s.

The Benefits Of This Restful Posture:

  • Nourishes your nervous system
  • Gives relief to lower back and sacrum
  • Relaxes your adrenals
  • Calms your mind
  • Rests your heart
  • Reduces swelling in your feet and legs
  • Can reduce blood pressure
  • An effective way to increase blood flow to your brain while your heart rests
  • Encourages blood to flow to your organs

Make Yourself Extra Comfortable:

Before you get into this pose have a few blankets and/or rolled towels by your side. That way you can easily grab a blanket or rolled towel to make yourself more comfortable. I personally don’t use as many blankets as the lady in the picture and prefer my back flatter.

If you are anything like me with tighter ham strings you may need to move a little further away from the wall.

You can modify this pose by putting your legs onto the seat of a chair instead of up the wall and still receive the same benefits.

Place yoga eye pillow over eyes (optional)

Make sure your back, neck and legs are very comfortable. Comfortable is the key. If you are not, you won’t be able to surrender and let it all go as easily.

Getting Into The Posture:

1: Sit next to wall with your knees bent and your side, shoulder and hip touching the wall.

2: Swing around to bring your bottom up close to the wall  supporting yourself on your elbows and forearms.

3: Slowly move your legs straight up the wall.

4: Get comfortable place a folded blanket under your head if necessary making sure to keep your forehead and chin level. Your neck must feel comfortable, without any tightness or pinching at the nape. If blood flow to the head is obstructed, the brain cannot relax.

5: You can place one or more blankets under your buttocks if this feels more comfortable.

6: After 5 – 15 minutes simply bring your knees to your chest and very, very gently roll out to your right side. Wait for a few minutes before you get up.  This is very important.



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