Let go, unwind and relax:


“To unwind is to bring your body back into balance”

I’ve created a special flower essence blend to help you let go of your day, release the stress and tension, calm a worried mind and trigger the relaxation response in your body.  Simply take 7 drops under the tongue in the morning and evening for a more relaxed version of yourself.

Unwind essence is hand blended with mindfulness, charged in an amethyst geode, infused with healing mantra’s and given a good dose of loving vibes.

The “unwind” essence is a special blend of Australian bush flower esences to help trigger the relaxation response in your body giving you a calmer more centred feeling on the inside.

Will you benefit?

It’s especially suited to anyone who feels exhausted, stressed, a worrier, has trouble sleeping, difficulty relaxing and unwinding.

“Improved sleep, and feeling more settled or stiller on the inside are the two most common pieces of feedback I continually receive”.  Carole Fogarty


7 drops under your tongue twice a day

Unwind essences comes in a 30 ml bottle with a dropper.

Recommend dose is 7 drops under the tongue (or in a glass of water), twice a day.  It’s a simple and easy place to start relaxing and replenishing a tired, exhausted and depleted body naturally.   One bottle usually lasts around 2 weeks.



“Relaxed from your amazing drops, they work so quick. Everyone should have at home thanks Carole”  Tameera

“Love  your amazing unwind essences.  I sleep so much better”   Karen

“Feel so much calmer on the inside – they work a treat”  Jack


“Unwind” is a simple, safe and very natural way to start replenishing frayed nerves and bring the body back into balance.

I welcome your questions so please feel free to ring, email, skype or text me, with any query or question whatsever.  I’m here to help and support you.  Carole Fogarty.

E:  healthylivinglounge (at) gmail.com

Skype:  carole.fogarty


What’s in Unwind essence:

Following are the 6 flower essences in the “Unwind” blend with descriptions of their emotional and physical healing properties.

1. Dog Rose – Learning to say “no”. Belief in self.

2. Macrocarpa -  An essential essence if you feel drained, exhausted and worn out.  Specifically for the adrenal glands.

3. Bottlebrush -  Great for breaking bad habits, letting go and accepting change.  Brings serenity, calm and ability to move on.

4. Boronia -  Ideal for obsessive thoughts and broken hearted (emotional exhaustion).  Leads to clarity and focus.

5. Black eyed susan The stress essence, excess striving, don’t know when to stop.  Perfect if you have an inability to turn inwards and be still.  Encourages slowing down and inner peace

6. Crowea -  Great for excess worry, over-thinking and insomnia.  Helps to calm and centre you.


To order a bottle of “unwind” or have a chat:

Contact Carole (that’s me)

Phone or text:   0433 705 905  (In Australia)

Email:  healthylivinglounge (at) gmail.com

Skype:  carole.fogarty


$20.00 for 1 bottle includes free delivery anywhere in Australia

$36.00 for 2 bottles includes free delivery anywhere in Australia

$30.00 for 1 bottle including delivery to anywhere outside of Australia.

Payments accepted via paypal for credit cards or from your paypal account.

You can purchase using the paypal button below.


My email address healthylivinglounge (at) gmail.com


You also have the option of using internet banking.  Simply email me and I’ll send you the bank details


Contents of bottle:

Each 30 ml bottle contains 1/3 brandy, 2/3 quality alkaline water, flower essences, healing affirmation and 100% love, lots and lots of love.

Essences can be made with vegetable glycerin if you don’t want the brandy.

Store away from electrical appliances

Continue until bottle finished (around 2 weeks).  Wait one week before you start another bottle.


Helpful hints for exhaustion:

Put yourself first more often

Learn to say no – stop giving your energy away unnecessarily

Start a daily 15 minute relaxation practice such as restful (restorative yoga) – its essential not an option

Spend time in nature – very grounding and de-stressing for the body

Honour your body more. Be mindful of your energy level.  Listen to your body.  Notice your breath more often.  Take 3 breathing breaks a day.

Stop doing things that you know are not good for you

Drink licorice tea (I can personally vouch for this tea, its awesome)

Reduce or ideally stop white sugar, caffeine and other artificial known stimulants


Affirmation for exhaustion:

It is safe for me to care for myself”  Louise Hay


Book recommendation:

Spent, end exhaustion and feel great again” by Frank Lipman M.D.

I’ve read this book and can personally recommend it.  It’s fabulous.  Lots of great do-able suggestions.  It’s almost like Dr. Lipman is working with you personally taking each day at a time.

Each week he recommends a few but very helpful changes you can make to your health, diet, sleep regime etc. all with the purpose of resting your body and restoring energy levels.   Dr.  Lipman whilst being a doctor is also a firm believer in Chinese medicine, acupuncture and restorative (restful) yoga.  I love this book – simple suggestions with a holistic approach.


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Megan Bayliss December 1, 2010 at 7:31 pm

Carole – you really have always rocked. I loved that you included me on your email. Thanks so much for that. My order is coming.
My site, imaginif, was hacked and destroyed so I am between websites at the moment.


Moctar February 12, 2012 at 3:40 pm

Thanks so much for sharing!
I have been dealing with Energy imbalance for the past years and didn’t know it. I just recently started realizing that I am overly sensitive to energy around me and even from far away. Any advice you can give? I have been hearing the OM sound and life particles for a few years now, and I never knew what they were until now. How do you cope with strong sense of perception of energy? I feel my own energy flowing in my body. At times it seems to get stuck on my head and when that happens, i am miserable. Feel like I am carrying the world. When it flows it is a heavenly!!
Do you have skype? I live in the US and would like to stay in touch to exchange our experiences.


Carole Fogarty February 16, 2012 at 6:11 am

Hi Moctar, I understand totally what you are saying. You can email me healthylivinglounge@gmail.com or skype is carole.fogarty Looking forward to connecting with you. xx Carole


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