~ today’s ritual ~

It’s stretch time people.

Off your chair. Stand on your tippy toes and reach for the sky.

Time for a little twinkle twinkle little star and wiggle away any stiffness in your spine, hips and joints.

xx Carole


~ yesterday’s ritual ~

Walking + Nature + Mantra = Fresh Start.

My early morning ritual at the moment – barefoot walking on the beach reciting the Durga Mantra (remover of obstacles in the maternal, material and spiritual fields).

Creates space for alignment and flow.

Durga Mantra: Om Sri Durgayai Namaha
(ohm shree dur-gah-yi- nah-mah-ha)

xx Carole


~ popular ritual ~


By resting on the front of your body it cocoons the belly snugly against the earth helping you feel safe and supported by life again.

This magical restorative yoga posture gives you permission to turn your awareness inwards and “let go” of all inner tensions particularly around your tummy area.

It’s a deeply soothing posture when you need 5 minutes to gather your thoughts and calm yourself down.

xxx Carole


Replenish yourself one breath and one rejuvenating ritual at a time:

caroleCome back often for your daily rejuvenating ritual and be your own medicine by adding more moments of pausing, deep breathing, soft thinking, slow living and intentional rest into your day.  

Small rituals become big medicine.

Or better still, join me at one of Rejuvenation Lounge Slow Retreats in Bali, England or Europe – now 10 years strong.  xx Carole



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