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smallritualsbigmedicine Be your own medicine.

Nourish yourself, one slow breath and one replenishing ritual at a time. Small rituals are big medicine.

Add more moments of pausing, deep breathing, soft thinking, slow living and intentional rest into your day.

Or better still, join me at a Rejuvenation Lounge Slow Retreat in Spain, France, England or Bali.  xxx Carole  


rejuvenating ritual:

JulybaliheadsinWhatever stressful is happening inside that head of yours, will somehow eventually creep into a wrinkle, line or muscle on your face.

Relaxing your face is profoundly therapeutic and has a magnificent soothing flow on effect to the rest of your body,  nervous and immune systems.

Lose the frown. Soften your eyes. Un-hunch your shoulders. Release a clenched jaw.

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rejuvenating ritual:

rootchakra4The base chakra is the foundation of all our chakra’s. Our stabilizing force.

Strengthen our base chakra and we “earth” our bodies feeling  grounded, centred, safe and supported.

We have cooled our worries, fears and doubts. xx Carole

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rejuvenating ritual:

Back breathing is a little gem of a relaxation ritual.  Coaxing your inhale downwards, flowing along your spine as it moves outwards, soaking into your  shoulder blades, kidneys, middle and lower back ribs – creating nothing short of therapeutic magic.

It’s an excellent tonic for a whole body rejuvenation experience.  You’ll even notice your posture adjust organically after a few rounds of deliberate back breathing.  Brilliant! xx Carole 

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rejuvenating ritual:

squattingWhen was the last time you squatted?

Our bodies are certainly not designed to sit on chairs all day long.  A simple squatting pose will help lengthen your spine, strengthen and improve flexibility in your hips, thighs, knees and ankles. Bam!

Pop a folded towel under your heels if they don’t comfortably touch the ground. xx Carole 


rejuvenating ritual:

practicepausingsunglowFeeling flustered? Centre yourself with a calming prayer.

Bring your hands together in prayer pose over your heart.  Bow your head (it will help your mind surrender). Repeat the following Buddhist kindness prayer for as long as you need too.

“May I be filled with love and kindness, May I be at peace, May I be well, May I be happy”

xx Carole


rejuvenating ritual:

softenandrelaxyoureyesRelease eye ball tension and fatigue.

The gentle pressure from the weighted “eye pillow” graciously coaxes your eyes to soften, release inner stress and sink back calmly into your head.

A peacefulness gradually spreads to your skull, forehead and temples. Divinely therapeutic for overcrowded thoughts and pressure in the head. xx Carole


rejuvenating ritual:

Now feels like a great time to become the essence of slow for the next few moments.

Small moments of slowness are medicine for a depleted body, scattered thinking and exhausted mind.

Slow is profoundly medicinal with amazing consequences.

It’s time to pause and adjust the speed of your busyness. Switch to the replenishing flow of slow.

Start simply with a slow gentle breath. xx Carole


caroleIf you’re feeling “the vibes”  with my daily rituals  then you may feel intuitively drawn to joining one of my Slow Retreats in Europe, England, Bali OR joining my  Global Full Moon Healing circle. Peace, love and big deep releasing exhale  xx Carole  

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