Welcome my magical friend, It’s time to pause. Quiet yourself. Relax the breath and enjoy today’s ritual. Give it space. Notice how it feels in your belly, resonates in your heart and speaks to your soul. It may well be the precise medicine you are needing today, this week. xox Carole


Send energy out ahead into your day.

What you choose to think about or say in the next 30 seconds may influence the entire mood and flow of your day.

Bless your day with sacred words, affirmations or mantra’s that vibrate high.

See them fall at 1.00 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

xox Carole

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~ yesterday’s small ritual ~

Humming shifts energy

Sound combined with breathe is powerful – releasing anxiety, muscle tension, negativity and stuck energy.

Excellent for clearing your thinking and calming the breath.

Humming is a simple medicine.

xox Carole


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It’s been infused with reiki, invoked by the nature spirits and oozes relaxation.



Rituals ignite your life with the good stuff.

Small rituals, over time become big medicine in your life. 

Come back often for your daily ritual and move closer and deeper to your true self.

My daily small rituals are written every bit for myself and they are for you.  Enjoy my magical friends, and hope to see you again here soon.  xox Carole


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