recent daily rituals:

smallritualsbigmedicine Be your own medicine.

Nourish yourself, one slow breath and one replenishing ritual at a time. Small rituals are big medicine.

Add more moments of pausing, deep breathing, soft thinking, slow living and intentional rest into your day.

Or better still, join me at a Rejuvenation Lounge Slow Retreat in Spain, France, England or Bali.  xxx Carole  


today’s rejuvenating ritual:

Often your answer can be found in nature.

Look to the bird, a cloud, the tree or a pebble on the beach. A wise stone once told me I could inhale her peaceful stillness anytime. I need only to hold her in the palm of my hand, close my eyes and feel into her energy. A precious conversation followed, revealing all that I needed to know.

So my friends, much goodness and guidance comes from nature – if only we take the time to pause and connect.  xx Carole


rejuvenating ritual:

For those of you having one of ‘those” kinda days.

Just breathe. You’ve got this!

xx Carole


rejuvenating ritual:

Soften and relax your tongue. You’ll be releasing tension in the jaw and pressure in the mind.

It’s a blissfully simple ritual to help you let go of stress throughout the day. xx Carole


rejuvenating ritual:

let-goI’m sensing strongly today is a great day to add a few more intentional pauses by practising a simple one minute “letting go” ritual. Perfect if you’re feeling a little fearful today.

Exhale out through your mouth, loudly, fully and deeply. Really empty the stagnant stale air from the bottom of your lungs along with the stuck energy and emotions attached.

There is nothing more freeing than a deep satisfying releasing exhale. xx Carole



caroleIf you’re feeling “the vibes”  with my daily rituals  then you may feel intuitively drawn to joining one of my Slow Retreats in Europe, England, Bali OR joining my  Global Full Moon Healing circle. Peace, love and big deep releasing exhale  xx Carole  

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