recent daily rituals:

smallritualsbigmedicine Be your own medicine.

Nourish yourself, one slow breath and one replenishing ritual at a time. Small rituals are big medicine.

Add more moments of pausing, deep breathing, soft thinking, slow living and intentional rest into your day.

Or better still, join me at a Rejuvenation Lounge Slow Retreat in Spain, France, England or Bali.  xxx Carole  


today’s ritual:

Invite more sacred energy into your home and connect to something greater than yourself.

Gradually, over time, you will notice worries and fears not so overwhelming as you get a sense of being supported by universal energies.

Light a candle, incense, listen to sacred music, pray meditate, chant, display a deity, crystals or simply pebbles from the beach and feel a softer gentler more supportive energy fill your home.

xx Carole 


yesterdays ritual:

Stop doing things you know aren’t good for you.

If you know it drains your energy then do something about it.
xx Carole


caroleIf you’re feeling “the vibes”  with my daily rituals  then you may feel intuitively drawn to joining one of my Slow Retreats in Europe, England, Bali OR joining my  Global Full Moon Healing circle. Peace, love and big deep releasing exhale  xx Carole  

Rejuvenation Lounge - Breath and Unwind

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