~ today’s small ritual ~

Feeling small and vulnerable?

Lay on the front of your body.  Head resting into your folded arms.

When laying on the front of your body it cocoons the belly/heart snugly against a solid surface, helping you feel safe, protected and most importantly supported by life again.

Release the belly.  Let it sink into the floor, surrendering worries and anxieties.

It’s totally safe to let go and relax the whole front of your body now, breath in spaciousness and connect to a less fearful part of yourself.

xox Carole  #smallrituals  #bigmedicine


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~ yesterday’s small ritual ~

Seek natural light.

Rest your eyes from the stimulation of electric screens and artificial lights.

Soothe your eyes with the nourishing medicine of natural light.

Seek the peaceful glow of stars, moon and night sky.

Watch the clouds, day sky and horizon

Relax by the flicker of candle flames.

xox Carole   #smallrituals  #bigmedicine


 ~It only take one small ritual to shift the energy ~



Come back often for your daily ritual.  They are small.  Easily done.  But make no mistake.  Small rituals offer big medicine to your life.

My small daily rituals are thoughtfully crafted to add  more moments of pausing, deep breathing, noticing, soft thinking, slow living and intentional rest into your day.  

Small rituals soothe an easily distracted mind.  Bring us back down into our bodies. Create a deeper connection with our true selves. Offer alignment to the flow of our day. Raise our vibration. Nourish the many energy systems in our body.

I love small rituals. They anchor me into body. My treasured training wheels so I can be the best version of myself. 

I get a strong sense of being connected to something greater than myself when I practice my small daily rituals. I secretly think they give me “super powers”.

Enjoy my friends, and hope to see you again here soon.

xxx Carole



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