Hello my wise friend,

Rosemary is my humble, yet fiercely loyal spirit guide from the plant kingdom. Rich in healing alchemy and wise ways.

It always, always, always, speaks strongly to me around this time of the year. Perhaps you’ve heard its encouraging whispers too.

Lets join hands, and together, arrive with our inner sight, as we look deeper into the medicinal and spiritual language of radiant Rosemary.  

Let us remember Rosemary’s wise ways by smelling the language of her fragrance.

Let us hear Rosemary’s confident voice and ancient council as we run our fingers through its needle like leaves.

Let us sit, with soft breath and look deeper into its doctrine of signatures. Every shape, scent and colour from the plant kingdom tells a therapeutic story.

In my world, the ancient language of radiant Rosemary offers the frequency of new beginnings. Fresh possibilities. Starting over.  Birth of a new chapter or simply a new sunrise.

Rosemary’s aroma ignites a feeling of inner confidence. A courage. Carefully sweeping away the dust of fear and doubt. Clearing, cleansing and purifying the path ahead. Bravo, rosemary!

The timeless earth medicine of Rosemary is rooted in grounded courage and strength. A heart felt ability, for you and I, to meet life’s challenges. Whispering “be brave” into our ear. Her doctrine of signatures confirms this with bursts of needle like leaves.  Straight and confident. Unshaken by unpredictable weather and storms.

The silver stripe of colour underneath marks the clarity at which your path will be shown. An illumination of your inner knowing. Calm confidence of orientation. The determined flow of your journey.  

 : Prescriptions :

Buy a rosemary plant. Become friends. Smell its wisdom. Learn its language. Hear its whispers.  Let it guide you. Support you. Talk to it often. Carry a piece with you. You’ll find it a most satisfying companion.

Anoint Your Body

Crush fresh Rosemary leaves in your hands. Anoint your temples for clear thoughts. Anoint your eyes for clarity of inner vision.  Anoint your solar plexus for balanced confident courage. Sweep the crushed Rosemary leaves through your aura to cleanse and clear your subtle body energy field.

Rosemary Ritual Water

Soak your feet in rosemary ritual water for courage in taking the next bold step.

Inhale The Healing

Carry a bottle of rosemary essential oil with you.  Sniff to fortify your nervous system. When lost easily to distractions. When in need of robust courage. For creative flow. To refresh your energy and thinking.

Please know that no matter what you are going through in life, there Will be a healing ritual to support you. Small, seemingly simple rituals can be the most loyal, loving and restorative of companions. Trust your gut feelings. Let a therapeutic ritual find you. My intention with all healing rituals that I share is for them to be – accessible, simple and do-able.

You are welcome to click here and read my most recent ritual suggestions, from the past couple of months. The latest being my own personal ritual prescription to self – for the year ahead. You can read here. It’s taken front and centre in my new journal along with my – still – favourite Buddhist loving kindness prayer “May I feel safe. May I feel content. May I feel strong. May I live with ease”

Lastly, some great news, due to all Bali Slow Rest retreats being fully booked this year (deeply grateful) I’ve be able to add a couple of extra ones (didn’t think it was possible, meant to be, why don’t you come?). There’s a couple of spots left.

Bali Slow Rest retreat March 1st – 7th, (2 spots left)

Bali Slow Rest retreat May 3rd – 9th (2 spots left)

Click here if you feel intuitively drawn to reading more about my 2020 Slow Rest retreats or message me with any questions. I’ll also be donating a percentage of all bookings to WIRES wildlife rescue towards their emergency fire relief fund.

Flow gently, with kindness in your heart.

Much love xox Carole

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