Hello wise friend,

You deserve a moment of intentional rest. A kind pause.

I am here to remind you how.

Intentional Rest is quietly found.


In the soft still space at the far end of each of your inhales and exhales.

Linger in these quiet spaces of stillness found within the breath.

If only for a second, and know you have connected to your personal portal of rest.

When we pause, and notice the four parts of the breath, we offer the body and nervous system a whole different experience. A calming experience. Restorative experience. A moment to digest our thoughts and life kinda experience.

I know this simple ritual will be a re-reminder to so many of you, and just may be the prompt your are needing to reconnect.

One minute of witnessing the four parts of the breath, works so much magic for the mind, nervous system and body.

Our awareness when merged with breath really is an inner strength. A dynamic force for health, healing and re-stitching ourselves back together. That’s why its the foundation of my retreats.

: Four parts of the breath :

With a kind mind, connect to the four parts of your precious breath. No doing, nor efforting, nor forcing just quiet simple noticing.

One: The Inhale. 

Two: The tiny pocket of stillness at the very end of the inhale, and just before the exhale begins.  It may only be a split second at first.

Three: The Exhale. 

Four: The tiny pocket of stillness at the very end of the exhale, and just before the rise of the inhale. Again, it may only be for a split second at first.

Repeat as needed, anywhere, anytime. As often as needed.

Receive this moment of rest. Trust this moment of rest.

You so deserve it.

I’ve decided to keep the past four weeks of my weekly rituals up on the website. Gives you plenty of time to check them out. See if any resonate. Soul speak. Remember no matter what you are going through in life there will be a therapeutic ritual to journey with. I promise.

Click here for your weekly rituals. I do my best to pop them up each Monday, unless I’m resting of course!!!

Flow gently. Much love xox Carole

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