Hello wise friend,

Please forgive me. I’ve been neglecting you of late. I promise to do better. Share more restorative rituals and helpful tools a little more frequently. Certainly not months apart.

You see life has thrown a few challenges my way lately.

Losing both parents within a couple of years of each other is difficult. I’m sure its happened to many of you reading this post. I can’t begin to imagine how you journeyed through it. But I can send Big love and acknowledge your enormous courage.

For me it is a whole new territory to navigate. Such a strange feeling not having a parent living on the earthly plane. Orphaned! A time of huge reflection and a willingness to ask the Big questions. How can it not be!

So to support you today, I’m re-reminding you (and myself), of the restorative power of pausing. If you have been to one of my Slow Rest retreats you’ll know they are one great – big – giant – pause. A huge full stop. That my friend is where all the magic happens. Inside the intentional pause.

So no matter how you are feeling today, or what challenges you are facing, please, please, please gift yourself a p a u s e. If only for a few moments.

A pause has a way of finding the seed of healing within.

Your body will thank you. Your nervous system will thank you. Your precious life will help you. Your spiritual health will thank you.

:: A Prescription For Pausing ::

Gift yourself a little breathing space. A well deserved full stop.

Inhale slowly. Exhale slowly.

Close your eyes.  It helps.  Rest in the quiet darkness.

Hands on heart.  Come back to centre.  Your home. 

Lose the frown. Soften tongue. Un-hunch shoulders. Release navel tension. Drop into your body. 

Sigh a long satisfying releasing sigh! Doesn’t that feel better!

Feel the air on your face.  Notice as it enter the nostrils.

Receive on the inhalation. Oxygen. Qi. Prana. Life force. 

Receive it all.

Take as much as you need.



I’ve writing to you from Ubud, Bali. I’ve officially just finished the last retreat for year. It’s now time to focus on more writing. More sharing my love of rituals with you. Over here at instagram, facebook and of course here on my weekly ritual page.

Whose knows. Perhaps I’ll be seeing you next year at one of my retreats. Now that would be exciting!

Oh, and while I think of it, a little reminder of my free guided meditations over on soundcloud.

Pause. Breathe. Repeat.

Much love. xox Carole


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