“Don’t race life.  Walk it”.  Matt Haig.

Hello wise friend,

Navigating a life transition takes huge patience, bottomless self compassion and deep courage.

Life transitions fill us with the cruelty of loss. Confusion. Change. 

Our foundation wobbles with uncertainty.

Perhaps you’re in one, right now, as I write this.  Let me say, I feel you.

Following are musings I wrote, a little while back, for my battered transitioning self. 

It helped.  

So for those of you, currently going through the epic journey of a transition I gladly share my personal words and accompanying healing ritual with you.  

From my heart, to yours, may these words be a helpful tonic, in some small way, as you walk and stumble through your own journey with transition.

You can do this.  You will get to the other side.  Wiser. Stronger.

: Transitions :

Transitions are wobbly, uncomfortable spaces.

Unfamiliar landscapes. Crunchy turning points in life.

Transitions are not user friendly.  They poke, prod, and hurt.  

Some transitions are forced quickly upon us. Others arrive painfully slowly.

Some are inevitable and achingly predictable.

We often feel numb, lost, hollow or rudderless as we journey to the other side. But journey we must. Into the unpredictable depths of the muddied waters of transitions.

Bow before a life transition.

Acknowledge its arrival.  Daily presence. Haunting familiarity.

Offer up a cloak of willingness to lay with the messy uncertainty.

Vow to thy sacred self to take one small step at a time.

A micro ritual.

You can do this.

There is always a seed of healing within you.

: Healing ritual :

Each morning as you awake.

Whilst still laying in bed.

Call on your courage.

Choose where, in your life,  you will place your courage today. 

Size of your courage is unimportant.

A daily dose is.


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