“We unblock in the direction we are meant too with one small, yet strong restorative ritual a day”

Hello wise friend,

The upcoming New Moon (5th May) signals heavenly support for initiating the new.  A fresh start. A new beginning. 

I happen to believe it’s the perfect time for birthing a new restorative ritual. 

A small, do-able therapeutic ritual.  Just for you.  A ritual that moves a more restorative current of energy through your life.  Re-calibrates your vibration.

Make no mistake, one restorative ritual (even a one minute a day) grows stronger, and stronger, and stronger with each passing day, in it’s medicine.  This I know for sure.

So lets sit side by side, breathe a few large breaths together.  Sigh a releasing sigh and with soft awareness, hands on heart, ask the body what she’s needing most, right now.  If not the body then life or the heart.

Once you have an answer, seek out a small do-able restorative ritual. 

Make a vow to practice your restorative ritual everyday for the next month.  Honour the lunar cycle.  

Your restorative ritual can be as simple as a meditation practice.  I have a few guided meditations over on soundcloud that may speak to you. Evening ritual of softening or I am medicine

You may choose to journal, write morning pages, say no to technology for the first hour of each day, walk, exercise,  change something small in your diet, say a loving kindness prayer before getting out of bed in the morning, practice pausing, think of 5 things you’re grateful for last thing at night, just to name a few.

If you are not sure what’s the best restorative ritual for you, I share weekly rituals here  on my website and more over here on instagram.

Here’s a few I’ve written about in the past that may help you choose.

Discharge excessive energy: I do this ritual everyday.  Often.

Guard the back of your neck. I’m super sensitive to psychic debris in the atmosphere and apply this ritual most days.

Let the answer come: Practice automatic writing or morning pages.

Source early morning energy: Wake slowly. There is medicine and guidance which floats in the fragile early morning air.

Ask:  We forget to ask and exchange dialogue with other wise fields of energy. Our bodies, our intuition, the universe.

Daily devotion to allowing:  Whole body bowing.  Bowing into mother earth councils the mind to relax and allow the day unfold as life intended.

The quiet hum: Humming creates a wonderful circuit of energy in your body re-vitalizing it’s cells.

Anoint your intuition: Anoint your third eye with an essential oil and acknowledge the presence of the other voice within first thing in the morning.  Watch your intuitive abilities strengthen.

Smile into your organs:   Great medicine for your body.

If you need any help on choosing a restorative ritual for your specific situation please email me.  Together we’ll find a ritual that you can explore, play with, dive into over the next moon cycle.  As you know rituals are my thing.

Until next time.  Much love from Bali.

xox  Carole


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