“Stay soft. It looks beautiful on you”. Nayyirah Waheed

Hello wise friend,

I can honestly say I do this ritual everyday. Often.  Really, really often.   

Especially last thing at night, whilst lying in bed. I find it extremely helpful for releasing the weight, stimulation and worry of the day.  It softens the tight grip in my stomach. Discharges excessive harsh energy. 

When we surrender the inner clenching – stories don’t get stuck so easily in the body.  We give permission, for life to move through us with ease and grace.  We craft spaciousness.   We become our own medicine.  Shift our energy.

: Discharge Excessive Energy :

Tranquillity Breathing.

I place one hand on the belly and the other on the chest (that’s me pictured above)

I then gently breathe between both hands. Follow the current of my breath. Sense the hands rise on the inhale, and fall on the exhale.  Notice the tight bits ( I can always find those).

At first it may feel forced, blocked but gradually, with kind, patient breathing the excessive tangled internal energy begins to loosen, shift and move on. Stomach relaxes. Solar plexus unlocks. Belly softens. Lungs open. Breath deepens. 

The more we open the front line of the breath, the more we can circulate the energy between the palms of our hands. 

The more space we create in our body.

Quite simply, it lifts our vibration. Recharges our energy field.   Clears the aura.

We are now able to hold more light ( a much needed commodity on our planet at this moment)


Instagram is always a great place to find me.  My simple intention is to be of service and share helpful healing rituals that support you being your own medicine.  Click here to see recent rituals on instagram. Discharge excessive energy was one of them.

And don’t forget my free guided meditations over on soundcloud.  The full moon and equinox is coming up and you may resonate with the Evening Ritual of Softening.

Much love  xox  Carole



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