“Let a new life happen to you”  Nayyirah Waheed

Hello wise friend,

I don’t usually send my monthly distant healing invitations to you. But today I am. After all, we’re about to journey through the full moon, solstice and end of year gateway.  Perfect energetic portals for letting go, releasing the old and heavy. Fine tuning our resonance. Lifting our vibration. Aligning more deeply to our true self and the divine.

I also want to chat with you about the annual 12 month oracle card spread (my favourite thing to do) but that will have to wait until my next post to you. In the meantime you can catch a few updates on instagram

If distant healing is not you’re thing. That’s okay.  You needn’t read any further, I promise I won’t mind.

But if you’d like to see if this month’s distant healing on clearing your vibration resonates, you’re welcome to read on.  

: December distant healing circle:

For this month’s 10 day distant healing (December 22nd – January 2nd ) I will be cloaking you in a Robe of Many Blessings.  

Showering you in prayers and blessings to clear, cleanse and uplift your vibration.  Raise your frequency. Refine your resonance.

The higher your vibration, the more light you’ll able to hold.  The stronger and clearer you’ll feel.  A quiet sense of absolute clarity. 

Your Robe Of Many Blessings is emerald green in colour for renewal, regrowth and the opening up of  new vibrant portals of possibility. Your body and energy fields will be soaked in the sound frequencies of ancient forests, song birds and the earths heart beat.  This will re-awaken dormant parts you. Preparing your energy for the New Year ahead.

: Add a personal prayer :

In addition to sending me your full name (so I can pop it into the healing circle), email your personal prayer (only if you want) so I may thread into the weave of your Robe of Many Blessings.

Your personal prayer (or affirmation) are healing words that are meaningful to you  They are comforting words that you intentionally choose to journey with into the New Year.

: Devotion to the rose :

The aroma of your Robe is rose petals. 

If it feels right for you, smell rose essential oil or imagine in your minds eye a beautiful red rose blooming in front of you.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night.

This will help deepen the absorption and integration of the distant healing for clearing your vibration.

: Join via donation :

If you intuitively feel drawn to joining this months distant healing please click here to join. The energy exchange is via donation.  All I need is your full name and personal prayer.

At the time of the new moon in January I will email your monthly insights and ritual prescriptions that were illuminated during the distant healing.

: Private facebook group :

I’ve also created a private facebook page if you wish to join.  Click here.

And, please know, I am here to support you in any  way I can, so if you have any questions at all please send me an email. 

Much love to you,  xox  Carole


~ Carole Bourne ~


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