Plant Your Prayers:


Let things happen organically.

Do not rush the process”

Yung Pueblo

Hello wise friend,

For those of you who love the devotional practice of moon honouring, the upcoming super new moon (partial eclipse) August 11th is a potent time to offer up your prayers/intentions/ritual medicine for the month ahead.   

I usually choose a new or pre-loved ritual that I wish to journey with. I sense into what’s been circling me lately. You know, the three taps on the should theory.  Nature is always talking to us.  Life is always talking to us.  Our body is always talking to us.  

For me, after encountering the most intense terrifying earthquake (6.9 magnitude) in my life (in Bali. I’m still here) I will be re-visiting with depth,  the daily ritual of allowing. Invoking the alchemy of Whole Body Bowing.  Surrendering all my weighted fears into mother earth. Trusting in the bigger picture of life. Trusting in the capabilities of my own energy. Trusting in the force of the unseen energy field around us. For in that moment when I thought the room was about to collapse around me I clearly saw the undiluted essence of my own energy, devoid of fear and connected to all and everything.  It was a split second moment.  A life changing moment.

There are only two words I will be planting into the fertile womb of mother earth this new moon. 

I Trust.

May I ask that you send prayers and blessings to the land and people of Lombok, Indonesia, the fatalities keep rising.  It’s currently at 142. There have been many aftershocks, over 180.   Your prayers are potent energy.  They will be felt and received well energetically in Lombok.  I thank you.

This weeks ritual, Plantable Prayers is below.  You can also find my weekly rituals here on my website or instagram or facebook.

I will be crafting a free prayer circle for this coming new moon August 11th. If you would like to included please message me.

May we lift the planets energy, one pause, one breath and one healing prayer at a time.

Much love xox  Carole 

p.s You might also like to read Daily Devotion to Allowing  or  Three Taps on the Shoulder Theory.


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~ Plantable Prayers ~

New Moon Offerings.

As the new moon blooms, plant seeds of healing or moving forward.

Write magnificent words on paper.

Words that surprise. Delight. Words that wish to be heard. Journey with you. Move through you. Weave their medicine into the tapestry of your life. Words that have your back. Re-orientate towards your highest flow.

Ask mother earth to receive the frequency of your words as you bury them into her fertile soil.  

Give the words space. Do not cling tightly nor smother them in over protective anticipation.

Trust in the four seasons of their growth.

Water daily with prayer and a spacious breath.

Burn a red candle on your altar to ignite forward movement.


~ Carole Bourne ~

Slow Living. Ritual Keeper. Writer. 


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