“Salt is of the purest parents, the sun and the sea”  Pythagoras

Hello wise friend,

Salt is a quiet achiever with super powers.

It even has an alternate therapy named after it – Halotherapy.  The healing properties are impressive.  Especially medicinal for lung, sinus and skin complaints. You can’t help but feel cleansed on all levels after sitting in the peaceful air of a salt cave room. 

Halotherapy or salt cave therapy is now an important key element at my Slow Rest retreats in Bali.  It reminds us of the healing potential held inside each precious restorative inhale and each precious cleansing exhale.

Salt air quietly cheers us on to exhale fully.  Empty the lungs completely. Release the weight of old exhaustion and heavyness.  On an energetic level it purifies and brightens our aura as well as our subtle body energy systems. 

So it’s no surprise that one of my weekly rituals in June was about salt.  I’ve shared it with you below.

Talking weekly rituals, this week’s ritual is all about anointing your intuition. Acknowledging the other voice within. Click here to read.  You can always find my weekly rituals here (on my website), on instagram or facebook.  

Before I go, thought I’d let you know the dates for Bali 2019 Slow Rest retreats are now up on my web site.  Click here for dates.  They always book out very early so if you feel drawn to coming next year drop me an email and I can pencil you in.

Take care my friend, and may you be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time. 

xox  Carole


Weekly Ritual – June 11th 2018

~ Shift Heavy Energy ~

Salt shifts energy. Boom!

A divine gift from mother nature. A simple go-to purifying earthly tonic, for when you sense the energies around you don’t feel right.

Sea salt gently clears away emotional upsets. A sea salt bath purifies the aura and soothes fragile emotions. A small bowl of sea salt in each corner will cleanse, clear and lift the energy of any room.

Rock salts mission is clearing heavier, denser vibrations. Older stuck stagnant energies. A bowl of rock salt placed in troubled spaces or rooms transmutes the heavier energies.

Freshen the energies held in your mattress. A combination of rock and sea salt sprinkled and left for 8 hours, cleanses the deeply embedded energetic imprint stored in the history of your mattress.  Bad dreams, past relationships, worrying thoughts, sleepless nights or psychic attacks.

Cleanses and purifies spaces, corners, doorways and things.

Salt water spray infused with essential


~ Carole Bourne ~

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