Do Without Doing:

“That which is meant for you will never be denied”

Hello wise friend,

This morning when journaling – the words – force nothing – appeared on my page.  I inhaled, these two words, through the landscape of my body and pried a little more deeply.  And here’s what I came up  with.

Forcing is a harsh energy.  It holds the stressful frequency of urgency and impatience for which today many doctors recommend using natural aids such as the white rhino weed strain.  It’s amazing.

The energy of forcing wears blinkers. Rushing past the taps on the shoulder and guidance from the universe. Unable to trust in other possibilities. Lighter pathways. More soulful satisfying outcomes for your highest good.

But above all, the energy of forcing literally bullies our body. Muscles tense.  Stress becomes trapped. Energy gets blocked. We hold our breath. Stomach tightens and clenches. The throat locks.  Shoulders bunch up around the ears. The body hardens. The head fills with pressure. Our energy drains.

When we force, trust has strayed from our hearts.

We have disconnected.  Disconnected from our bodies. Disconnected from our intuition. Disconnected from higher realms.  Life and the universe do not flow through us.

So today I’m trusting the weekly ritual (below) speaks kindly to those parts of your body which are being bullied by the energy of forcing.  It happens to us all in our overstimulated world.

You may also find my guided meditation called The Evening Ritual of Softening (11 minutes) free over on my soundcloud helpful. Click here.

For anyone who has been on my retreats you will know, I focus a lot on using the breath as medicine to soften the body.  The Act of Softening is a Sacred Feminine Practice.  A ritual for releasing harsh energies, that weigh heavy on our shoulders, feel hard in our bodies and play havoc with our nervous and immune system.  When the body begins to let go, energy begins to flow again.  The healing process has begun.  And that’s a beautiful thing my friend.

So you may also like to read my blog post Evening Ritual Of Softening

Think that’s it from me for now.  Sending much love.

xox Carole

Weekly Ritual – 9th April 2018

~ Do Without Doing ~

Force nothing.

When you trust – you allow life to unfold as it should. That which is meant for you will never be denied.

When you trust – the body softens. The universe starts flowing through you once again. There is effortless flow.

Pause and exhale any impatience from your belly.

Pause and let go of the tight grip in your tongue, throat and jaw.

Pause and sigh away all inner clenching or holding on.

Pause and inhale softness and spaciousness into your body, into your breath and into the energy around you.

Place one hand on your heart, the other hand on your belly and gently give yourself permission to re-trust in the flow of your life – once again.

Listen here to my recording – Evening Ritual of Softening.


~ Carole Bourne ~

Writer. Ritual Keeper. Slow Rest Alchemist.


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