Give The Situation Space:

“I trust the unseen path. I allow it to unfold as life intended”

Hello wise friend,

It is true. Sometimes we hold our breath around a situation. Deplete it of life force energy. Literally suffocate the way forward with impatience, pushing or forcing. We then wonder why the situation has become rigid, sticky or getting worse.

We temporarily forget everything is energy.  I certainly do. Often.

But there is always another way forward.  You and I both know this! 

So when I am met with a tricky situation or have planted a seed of potential, and don’t want to cling over enthusiastly to it, I do my best to step back. Give it space. Hold it ever so gently and lightly in the energetic cauldron of my palms.

I exhale breathing space through it.  My body sighs a soul satisfying sigh! Once again, I release my grip, and trust in the bigger picture at play. This I know is the way forward.

I allow it to unfold as life intended. 

I let the way forward be shown. I stay open to guidance and other glimpses of potential. 

I trust the unseen path.

I trust this helps.  Let me know what you think.

Well, that would be it from me today.

May the medicine in you Rise my friend, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time. xox  Carole


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