Finish every activity you begin.  The rhythms of nature decree that each occurrence has it own completion. By bringing each action to closure, you signal the universe to grant you time to replenish your natural energies” Mother Maya Path of Practice.

Hello wise friend,

the Law of Completion keeps following me. Whispering quietly to the corners of my mind. Seeking an entry point to be heard, pulled in closer by the scruff of the neck and thoroughly understood.

So I’ve been watching myself. Closely. Exploring the qualities of the Law of Completion as mirrored in nature.  As the masterful Lao Tzu wrote “Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished”.  

I’ve witnessed, sometimes in horror at my own trails of little in-completions dangling all around me. I’m not talking about Big completions here.  It’s the small things, in the doingness of everyday life I’m curious about. Half finished cup of tea. Half listening.  Half chewed food. Half tasted food. Half read email.  Half breathed breath.  All blurred by the constant background feeling of needing to rush to the next thing.  

Distracted living is the culprit.  

Distracted living steals our inner peace. Takes us out and away from our bodies. Scatters our energy willy, nilly to the winds. We become un-tethered.  Frayed at the edges. Leak energy. A sense of quiet inner satisfaction eludes us.  We skim the surface of daily life.

Distracted living leaves a rushed hurried imprint on our nervous system. Life is stamped urgent. Always. And so we drag behind us a trail of tiny in-completions. We lose our natural rhythm. In fact, what I’ve noticed, there is no rhythm with distracted living, only sharp, darting, scattered surges of energy. It’s tiring.  It’s soul destroying.

Mother nature is my beacon for a grounded, healthy, purposeful life and mirrors the Law of Completion beautifully. Day and night. Seasons. Moon cycles. I didn’t need to look far.

There is a silent rejuvenating quality that the Law of Completion brings into our lives.

Our body understands it.

Our nervous system is replenished by it.

Our heart is comforted by it.

Our soul bows in devotion to it.

I think of the Law of Completion as the full stop in a sentence. The joining of the circle. The brief moment of rest and stillness before the next thing begins.

So my friend, as I continue to practise the Law of Completion with the simplest and smallest of tasks, I’ve noticed a gradual strengthening of my internal resilience against the pushing and tugging of life’s distractions.

I’m staying close to myself. I’m enjoying more true moments to myself.

~ Healing Practice~

Complete your inhales. 

Don’t rush to the next breath.

Feel into the opening, receiving qualities of a gentle full inhale.

And then, witness the magical moment of the full stop at the end of your inhale.  The brief pause of stillness. The breaths resting place, before the exhale organically begins.

Then, welcome your exhale. Follow your exhale. Don’t force nor rush. Empty your lungs graciously. Give the exhale time to surrender and release from all four corners of your lungs.

And then notice, once again, witness the magical moment of the full stop at the end of your exhale.  The quiet pocket of stillness.  The absolute joy of feeling into a soul satisfying release – if only for a brief second – before the flow of the inhale begins.

This my friend, is where you explore the true essence of the Law of Completion.  The breath.

She is always there, waiting to be noticed, felt and received.

Practice with your breath.  It’s the perfect place to start.


Onto other things – if you’re curious.  My blog had a face lift. Yippee!!!  In case you missed it please click here for a peak Still a few things to do but I’m super happy so far.  Let me know what you think. 

I’ve just posted your weekly ritual, click here to read.  It’s all about three taps on the shoulder theory. The question is – what’s been circling you lately?

Evening ritual of softening is still my most popular listened to guided meditation over on soundcloud.  Great 10 minute meditation for releasing the heavyness and hardness you may have picked up during your day.

My annual Equinox retreat in France begins next month (1 spot left).  Yeah! I can feel the energies bubbling and brewing already.  Potions prepared and resting in my amethyst geode for a whole moon cycle. I’ll be posting retreat photo’s up on instagram if you’d like to follow.

That’s it from me for today.

May the medicine in you Rise my friend, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time. xox  Carole


~ Carole Bourne ~

Slow Rest. Ritual Keeper. Writer.


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