“She got quiet and really listened, new parts of her wanted to speak” Sark.

Hello my wise friend, 

A question appeared on my journal page recently, as I sipped my extra spicy mug of chai tea. It was one of those special moments where an ordinary journaling session suddenly shifts gears, turns a sharp right and bursts into big aliveness.

When we stay open and wide to life, a seemingly simple question, appearing at just the right time propels our life forward in ways we may never thought possible.  Words are big medicine.  I’ve written about them before here.

The question looking back at me, my friend was What are your daily not negotiable rituals?”

My first thought was wow, that’s a great question. My second thought, do I even have any not negotiable rituals.

I sat in the space of a soft pause. Exhaled. And listened.  The question asked to be answered well – with great thought, care and patience.  I obliged. It took me weeks.

As I deepened into the question it took me on a beautiful reflective soul felt journey. I soon came to realise it wasn’t so much about what my daily not negotiable rituals were in the end. But more about diving deep and re-examining my connections around ritual. Which parts of me received ritual, which parts of me needed more ritual, which rituals touch the deepest part of me.  I explored my most days rituals, seasonal rituals, moon honouring rituals and my magnificent medicinal rituals. And so the journey and questioning continued.

You may care to join me. See where the question takes you.  Naturally your journey will be different to mine.

It’s a great question though to get clear on how you stand up for yourself.  Rise above the thickness of life.  Give depth, width and meaning to your life. Discover which rituals propel you forward and deeper into life.  Add a spiritual veil of divine connection (very important to me)

My daily not negotiable rituals:

If you’re curious, I have four not negotiable rituals (at the moment). They are my best friends. Loyal guardians that have my back. Fortify me. Orientate me to my true north. Activate my souls potential. They help me stay strong, grounded and connected to me and the divine.

Most importantly, my day simply does not feel complete if I miss one of these rituals.  They are my anchor to all that I am.

Of course yours will be different to mine.  Feel free to share.  I’d love to know.

  1. Meditate. A 20 – 30 minutes stillness practice. Mostly twice a day. Guided meditation, mantra meditation, loving kindness meditation etc.  I go with my gut. My fav meditation app is insighttimer (it’s free).  I’ve used it since 2012.  At the moment I’m loving the Tara Brach meditations. Sometimes I simply sit and be the background chanting of monks for 20 minutes. And this morning I meditated with 4,100 other gorgeous souls around the planet at the same time (so my app told me).  You might also like to check out my guided meditations here.
  2. Body and breath practice on the mat.  Purpose is to arrive into my body, anchor into my lower body, remember breath, connect to my intuitive intelligent body. I loosen and soften in. I release. I move prana, light and breath in and through me.  It might look something like this. General yoga stretching and opening of the body. Free flowing somatic body releasing. Meridian openings. Yin yoga. Ancient breath practices (deepens my presence into the body). Claiming my light space.  At the end I include a full body bow to surrender into the day.  I’ve written about this recently here.  It’s a very intuitive journey. I often draw an oracle card before I start as an anchor for the practice.
  3. Sacred space.  Whether I’m home or travelling I always invite a higher frequency into the space I sleep or work in. I do it automatically. Candles, essential oils, flower essences, nature (flowers), palo santo, smudge stick, symbols, crystals, sacred beings. Even my oracle cards are sources often altar worthy. Each day I anoint my intuition with essential oil.  I’ve written about this before here.  I also protect the back of my neck (altar major chakra) I’ve written about this here.  I cleanse and clear often with palo santo. My essential oil diffuser is always on.
  4. Evening gratitude. A no frills few minutes ritual as I lay in bed at night. Place my hands on my heart or belly and give thanks to whatever pops into my head. Small stuff usually. It feels good.  And as Dr. John Demartini says “What you think about and thank about your bring about”.  Holding a rose quartz crystal adds a beautiful dash of earth medicine to this ritual.


Much love to you my friend, and may the ritual medicine in you Rise.  xox  Carole


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