“What is yours will never be withheld from you”

Hello wise friend, I’ve been playing with the frequency of receiving lately. Searching for her entry points. Exploring her feminine pathways. Noticing how she feels on my skin and moves through my bones. Observing how easily I limit or turn my back on her frequency. Block my shakti receptivity.  It’s a constant dance.

I realised one the main entry points for receiving is in the truth telling of the hands. Hands are moving meditations of medicine.  They are miracle workers.

Hands tell a story. Speak a language. Reveal inner truths. Spread vibrational messages out into the universe and down into your body. Hands offer up clear gateways to the frequency of receiving.

You’ll be amazed at the energetic influences your hands have on your life when you start tuning into their subtle expressions of communication. The hands and heart chakra are intimately connected.

Each day I bring myself into alignment with the frequency of receiving. It’s a comforting ritual. I hold my hands out in front of me (or out to the sides) palms open wide and facing up – sometimes palms cupped out in front. It varies. I go with my body’s intuition on the day.  I then feel (ever so subtly) my heart organically lift and widen a little. Shoulders, jaw and tongue begin to release and relax. Hollow of my throat spreads and opens. I feel a wave of softening internally. Especially through my core.

I sigh a satisfying sigh! Inner urgencies are surrendered.  There is a sweet sense of spaciousness both in and around me. Breath moves through me. Light moves through me. Energy moves through me. The universe, great spirit or love moves through me.

I declare my temple body a vessel for receiving. I bow and breathe in rhythm with her frequency.

~ healing ritual ~

Here’s a couple of options to help you explore the frequency of receiving through your hands. Let me know how you go.

1: Expand. Contract.

Open your hands and trigger the expansion of your energy field.

Close your hands and trigger the contraction of your energy field.

Repeat with closed eyes, inhaling as you open your hands, exhaling as you close your hands.

Tune-in to how your body responds internally. Each intentional movement has a place in the cycles and seasons of your life.

2. Release. Receive. 

Open the hands wide, spread your fingers, palms facing down and release your tight hold on life. The constant clenching, gripping, grabbing.


Open your hands wide, palms facing down and surrender the threads of doubt out through the tips of your fingers.


Open your hands wide. Palms facing up. Hands cupped together.

Hold the frequency of receiving in the palm of your hands and say “I am open to receiving”. 

If you feel a disconnect to the energy of your hands, let them breathe into the earth, grass, soil or sand. It will help your hands remember their healing ways.  Alternately rub the palm of your hands together (until heat builds) to awaken your palm chakra’s.

May the hand medicine in you Rise my friend. xox  Carole


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