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~ An Authentic Deep Rest Experience ~

Selamat pagi my friend, if you’re curious about what happens at one of my Bali slow rest retreats then this is the post for you. I’ve been facilitating retreats for over a decade now – France, England, Italy, Australia and Bali and they are my souls absolute passion.

My retreats have organically grown up over the years with many, many tweaks and refinements, blossoming into what they are today. But this year something Big has shifted – in Me – and this wll be reflected in everything I do. Especially my retreats and offerings.  My connection to self is deepening. I’ve sensed something bubbling away for a while but in desperate surge of urgency   – kaboom! – I was split and peeled, wide, wide open by an amazing shamanic breath work journey in Bali. Layers of pain and armour were released from my past. In an instant I knew. I was changed forever. Since then my connection to ritual continues to deepen. My retreats are deepening. My healing circles deepening. My energy healings deepening. My writing deepening. My call to be of service deepening. I am boldly walking through this new door called deepening and I willingly bow before her unseen path and guiding presence.

And this my friend leads me into my big decision and reason why four women only is now the maximum for all my Bali Slow Rest retreats. Yes, four woman only. I know crazy! A semi-private retreat (at no extra cost).  A bespoke retreat experience. It allows me to very hands on, work closely alongside you and support you every step of the way for the authentic slow rest experience you so deserve.  My next retreat in Bali is this June and then again in October and November and yes there’s one or two spots still available.  They will fill quickly.

A little bit about a slow rest journey with me:

My slow rest retreats are not about sight seeing, doing touristy things and over filling the days.  The daily rhythm is all about being slow and gentle with yourself. Giving your life breathing space. Less is more.  We start each morning at a kind 9.30 am for a 2 hour slow rest journey together.  This gives you the option of sleeping in, going for an early morning walk, reading, enjoying a leisurely breakfast or perhaps quiet time for journaling before we start.

Our slow rest journey together each day is a complete healing modality. It has three core phases. Releasing, Resting and then Receiving.

We start our journey each morning with gentle seated floor movements to help open up, widen and deepen your breath with thoughtful body awareness rituals and soften into any tense, stiff, tight and blocked bits.  It’s a lovely gentle releasing and gentle opening process.

Next we move to some wonderful resting postures. The aim to restore balance to your nervous system, strengthen your immune system, calm and quiet the mind, balance hormones,clear meridian channels and dissolve old tensions.  Feel more grounded, centred and peaceful. All resting postures supported with blankets, bolsters, eye pillows, weighted sandbags, towel wrapping, aromatherapy, flower essences, healing touch, sound medicine and my own unique approach to energy healing with help from the best Testosterone booster supplements.

We finish each slow rest journey with receiving rituals by surrendering into the vibration of receiving so you can repair and nourish your whole being including chakra’s, subtle body energies as well as physical body.

Breathe as medicine – you’ll hear me say this alot.  Throughout all three phases of our slow rest journey I will constantly be guiding you, bringing you back to the breath and supporting you in activating and working with your inner breath medicine.  

During our 6 nights/5 days in Bali we’ll have 8 wonderful slow rest journeys together – 2 hours most mornings – 30/45 minutes late afternoon.

~ We do alot of this ~

Afternoon Ayurvedic treatment/massage:

Your afternoon body treatment/massage will be individually prescribed to your unique needs.  The treatments offered are mostly Ayurvedic – therapeutic in nature and all aimed at triggering deep relaxation in the body.  Some of the treatments are shirodhara, kati basti, abhyanga, mandi lulur and crown chakra massage.  Each day I’ll check in with you and together we’ll prescribe the best body treatment for the day.    I’ve been getting awesome results lately starting the retreat on Monday with shirodhara (warm medicated oil dripped onto the third eye). It has an amazing effect on the mind and nervous system and prepares the body well for the week ahead.  The crown chakra massage is also another favourite with retreat guests to help get them out of the head and back down into the body.

~ My feet ~

Spiritual experience:

The one and only spiritual healing outing we have together is a water purification and cleansing ceremony with a gracious High Priestess in her family temple.  I have received many blessings from the High Priestess over the years and one thing I can say for sure they are incredibly powerful and you will feel changed. Occasionally she is not available and we then experience as a group either a gong bath healing, agni hotra fire cleansing ritual, cacao ceremony or shamanic breath journey. All exceptional experiences.

~ Water blessing High Priestess ~

Bali Retreat At A Glance 

~ 4 precious spaces Thoughtful. Personalised. Hand crafted. You deserve personal care and quality therapeutic support to rest and rejuvenate. Feel held in our very small retreats.  Maximum 4 spaces only.

~ Six nights accommodation ~ in our favourite boutique Balinese style hotel. Rooms serviced daily.  Wonderful salt water swimming pool.  10 minutes easy walk to centre of Ubud.  Arrive Sunday.  Depart Saturday. Option to extend stay.

~ Eight slow rest journey’s – Soften into my unique fusion of gentle seated movements, body awareness rituals, deep rest yoga (no experience needed), therapeutic breath practices, immune system rejuvenation, meridian and chakra repair and guided releasing meditations, as you move through the healing rhythm of releasing, resting and receiving.  Feel held.

~ One on one with me – * new * Before retreat starts, you have the option to sit down for a cuppa and chat with me.  An opportunity for me to understand your needs, any medical issues and fine tune the week ahead so you feel deeply held throughout your authentic deep rest experience.  Feel heard.

~ Four Ayurvedic or Balinese massage/body treatments. After a decade of research, I have hand selected my favourite and most therapeutic body treatments to share with you.  Treatments are tailored for your individual needs.  Feel nurtured.

~ Salt room breathing.  *new * Cleanse your lungs and open up your breathing.  A peaceful healing experience in a softly lit room of glowing salt crystal lamps, salt floor and salt infused air to purify your lungs of air pollutants and toxins. This treatment is a combination of guided breath work with me and mantra meditation.  Feel refreshed.

~ Sound medicine.  * new * Shift your frequency. Slow the breath. Clear your energy with my beautiful flute tuner that resonates with the so-called love frequency of 528Hz. Be bathed daily in this deeply healing sound. Other sound healing instruments will be offered. Feel loved.

~ Rosemary fresh start elixir. * new * I personally hand crafted this little beauty at the new moon.  Taken orally it works on your subtle body energy fields to deepen your slow rest journey.  I’ve written here about my conversations with Rosemary before.

Aromatherapy ~ flower essences, crystals, tinctures or aura mists all carefully and individually prescribed throughout the week to deepen your slow rest experience.  Feel supported.

~ Lunch at an amazing plant based farm to table restaurant ~ * new * After a short walk past rice fields just out of Ubud indulge your senses in an exceptional culinary experience. Food is amazingly fresh, plant based, prepared with love and creativity.  Eat in the surrounds of their permaculture garden. Jack fruit taco’s are our favourite.  Feel nourished.

~ Welcome dinner ~ Enjoy a traditional Balinese meal in a stunning restaurant overlooking the night sky, tropical surrounds and Mount Agung.  A casual relaxed evening.  Feel nourished.

~ Most evenings free ~ plus the option of joining me for a couple of shared evening meals at my favourite Ubud restaurants.

~ Sacred Balinese Melukad – I have received the healing blessings of the Water High Priestess many times and will share this unique experience with you, in a remote Balinese village about an hour out of Ubud.  It is a deeply moving experience.  You will be changed.  Alternately there is the option of the incredible sacred fire cleansing ritual Agni Hotra by a Hindu Balinese High Priest.  Sacred cacao ceremony. Feel blessed.

~ My personal secret list of favourite organic cafes and alternate bespoke experiences, drawn from 20 years of travelling to Ubud. Your biggest decision each day will be where to eat so I’m happy to share my absolute favourites. Many in small hidden locations in and around Ubud that only locals know about. If you happen to be staying a few days longer I can also recommend some amazing alternate bespoke experiences.  e.g my most favourite tarot reader/healer, shamanic colonics, acupuncture, breathwork journey’s, sacred cacao ceremonies, sound medicine, authentic Balinese healers and so much more.

~ Click here for Bali dates in 2017/2018.  

~ Click here for Equinox slow rest retreat France September 21st – 25th 2017

If one of my retreats is stirring something in your belly,  please email me.  I’d love to have a chat, answer your questions or happily take your booking.  

May the slow rest medicine in you rise my friend.  xox  Carole


 ~ France Equinox Slow Rest Retreat ~

Absolutely one of my favourite retreat locations.

The earth medicine here is deep, strong and still.

Our beautiful French country home holds an extra special energy that I have not felt anywhere else on our planet.

Click here for more details.


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