Keep Releasing: Keep Opening:

“A courageous pose of vulnerability. A devotion for the body, instilling a deep confident inner willingness to release, stay open and heal”.

Hello wise friend,

If ever there was a time for deep releasing, January is THE month. A time to align ourselves to the deepest level physically and highest level spiritually.  A time to re-align our inner compass.

Over the next two weeks the full moon is encouraging us all to exhale fully. Release. Purify. The picture above (yes that’s me) is a posture I call – star releasing, star receiving.  It’s what I’m doing daily at the moment. You can’t hide from yourself in this posture. It’s a truth teller. A pathway to amazing shifts. It’s a wordless affirmation that shows the universe how open and willing we are to release and receive.

As you rest in this posture keep your breath close by.

Be gentle with yourself. Move the breath thoughtfully through you. Your breath is the most precious medicine you have.  I know I say this all the time but its so true.

Move your breath through your bones, move your breath through your opened spacious body and through your mind.

Feel the connection of your breath to the four corners of your whole body.

Feel the connection of your outstretched arms and legs to the earth, to the heavens.

Feel the connection in your heart and belly to the om of the universe. The source of love.

Letting go could not be easier when you give yourself permission to lay in this slow rest posture and exhale fully from all four corners of your body.

Receiving could not be easier than inhaling into all four corners of your whole body – inhaling more breath, inhaling more energy and inhaling more light.

That’s it. It’s that simple. Lay down. Open yourself up like a shining star and breath the following affirmation through you.

“Inhaling I am receiving. Exhaling I am releasing, easily and effortlessly”.

Trust in the wisdom of your body.  She knows what she needs to do to release, stay open and heal.

Five minutes in this posture, first thing in the morning and last thing at night is the prescription I’m giving myself for the next two weeks.

Who’s joining me?

~ (Audio) Guided releasing meditations ~

And if you’re having a little trouble on your own here’s a few of my guided releasing rituals that I recorded last year for my soundcloud account.  All free of course. You might find them helpful.

  1. Evening ritual of softening
  2. I am medicine ritual
  3. Womb chakra releasing
  4. Dark breath releasing
  5. Slow rest

Click here to listen.

And while I think of it if you’d like to receive a personal distant healing around aligning yourself for the next nine year cycle please email me. I do offer a few each month in addition to my usual group full moon releasing circles.   May the medicine within you rise my friend. xox  Carole

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