:The Quiet Hum:


“Humming creates a wonderful circuit of energy in your body re-vitalizing it’s cells and charging it’s chakra’s”  Deva Premal

Hello wise friend,

As we transition into 2017, thought I’d share a beautiful little healing ritual that I’m journeying with over the next couple of weeks.  You are welcome to join me.

Breathe and sound when combined are a magnificent restorative force. The healing sound waves spread far and wide into your body, penetrating deeply into the core of your being. A potent therapeutic remedy for exhaustion and energy depletion.

The ritual of humming is sound medicine for your life. Swiftly clearing and moving energy. Helping fear, stress and exhaustion fall away. A beautiful calming tonic for anxiousness. A soothing melody for scattered thinking.

Humming helps to circulate your energy whilst refreshing your chakra’s, aura and energy channels. It clears stagnancy mighty proudly.

Hum into an area of your body holding pain or trauma to support the healing process.

Hum into your heart and help heal a deep wound.

A hum a day keeps the doctor away!

:Healing practice:

Spreading the hum.

Place one hand on top of your head, the other on your belly.

Soften or close your eyes. Sigh and drop into your bones. Sit inside yourself.

With lips gently touching, inhale a relaxed breath through your nose. On the exhale (from the nose)  hum contently at the same time.   Your sound and breath become one potent medicine.  Feel into the movement of the hum as it flows outwards from your mouth, filling the head, down along the arms and spine, reaching willingly into the palms of your hands.

Rest your breath (no humming) for one breath cycle (that’s one inhale, one exhale), sense the wonderful warm residual effects from the hum through your being.

Repeat a 3:1 breath rhythm for five minutes. Hum on the exhale for three breath cycles, rest your breath for one breath cycle.

Spreading the hum ritual is especially helpful in times of upset and exhaustion. 

May the sound medicine in you rise my friend. xox  Carole

Oh, and the photo of the five minute hour glass above is a Christmas present to myself.  Photo taken by my son Jack.

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