“May the breath medicine in you rise”

Hello my sweet friend, you have been on my mind lately, and these are the words which I’m keen to share with you on the eve of the new moon. A kind reminder that our breath is always a potent medicine.

Notice the subtle quiet pause after each one of your exhales.  There is no effort nor strain here.

A gap of perfect stillness, woven between the exhale and before the arrival of the next inhale. Weightless. The purest of connections to your healing. Always there. Waiting. Unconditionally. Ready to gift you a generous dose of medicine when you linger here.

You feel held and safe here – in the quiet pause – you can’t help but surrender – soften around the edges – sink back into your centre.

You rekindle your trust here. Trust it’s okay to rest here.  Trust it’s okay to receive here. Trust its okay to surrender it all here.

All too soon your inhale begins to rise. Lungs open. Ribs widen.  Belly expands. You welcome your next nourishing breath and inhale a new refreshed sense of healing throughout your whole body.

You silently promise to notice the quiet healing pause in your breath cycle more often.

May the breath medicine in you rise my friend.  xox  Carole 


~ Carole Bourne ~


I am a writer. I am a ritual keeper.  I shine light.


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