“Sniff your wisdom-nose. Get clear. Then decide” Rumi

Hello my sweet friend, thought I’d let you know I’ve been sharing some beautiful healing rituals of late over on my blog.  I post a new ritual each week.  Yes, I’ve found my weekly ritual writing groove again.

Quite a few of the weekly rituals I share on facebook and some I feel strongly guided to share as a blog post, like today.

They are healing rituals that move through me and fill my belly with big truth.  They are rituals that shine light. Rituals I learnt many moons ago. Ancient rituals I’d long forgotten. Rituals that choose to birth through me. Rituals I deeply trust. They are rituals longing to be held.  Rituals for self-healing. Rituals steeped in big medicine. Sometimes they are rituals written only for one person – perhaps you.

In truth, I am a ritual keeper.

So below is a little healing ritual I shared recently.  It’s a lift your vibration kinda ritual. Have a read and notice how it bubbles in your belly and speaks to your heart.  It came up strongly for many gorgeous souls all around the world, in my last full moon releasing circle.

If you feel inclined click here to read this week’s healing ritual.

Claim Your Light Space:

Craft a circle of light around you  Call in the light.

Breathe the light through you.  Move the light through you. 

Claim your light space. 

Claim your light space to keep your frequency clear.

Claim your light space to leave light trails wherever you go.

Claim your light space to stay connected to an energy source greater than yourself.

Healing practice:

Form an energy circle, either in your minds eyes or on the earth with four to eight clear quartz crystals.  

Step into the centre of the energy circle. A living breathing spiralling vortex of clear white light.

Sense your authentic connection to the light.

Feel a continuous shower of light rays stream through you. Surround you. Cocoon you in brilliant white light.

Breathe the light deep through your body – blood stream – bones – cells.

Re-claim strong light boundaries around you.

Plug yourself into the light. Fiercely claim your light space. 

Practice daily or whenever you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, come back to this healing ritual and reconnect to your light.

May the medicine in you rise.  xox  Carole


~  Carole Bourne ~

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I am a writer. I am a ritual keeper. I shine light.


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