“Get quiet often.  It helps you stay profoundly connected to yourself”

Hello my wise friend, I am writing to you on the eve of the dark moon. The night before the new moon.  A sacred evening on mother earth for quiet reflection.  Perfect time for the wisdom ritual of automatic writing – the bringer of illumination and insight. Especially potent this month, as our September new moon is super charged with eclipse energy.

If you are a seeker of truth then the next three days are divinely aligned to reveal new realms of possibility and hidden truths. I invite you to explore, for the first time or re-visit automatic writing for higher guidance, this September new moon.

I love this ritual and look forward to witnessing deep insights and higher truths for us all.

Wisdom ritual ~ Automatic writing:

Sometimes, a stuck answer or the next right step, needs a different pathway to reveal itself to you.

Tap into your highest guidance with the beautiful healing ritual of automatic writing.

Pick up a pen.  Breathe light and energy down through your hand, finger chakra’s and pen.

Let the words spill out, onto the page. Unfiltered. Messy. Jumbled.

It might only be one or two therapeutic words, stuck on repeat. That’s okay. Trust.

Allow the next right step to form before your eyes.

Know you are always a divine vessel for higher wisdom to flow through you.

Healing practice:

Grab a piece of paper and pen.

Quiet the space around you.  Light a flame of intention.  Breathe a pathway of connection between you, the pen and your higher self.

Surrender into the moment. Exhale. Empty the breath. Release.

Let your pen move, flow and wander on the page, without thought, manipulation or consequence. Surrender to the process of automatic writing.  Anything goes. There is no right, nor wrong way.

You and your soul are an amazing team.  Trust Let the energy flow through you.

If you are feeling stuck you may like to begin by asking a simple question e.g “What would you have me do next?”

And whilst we’re on the topic of divine guidance you might also like to read the  wisdom of finding feathers or seek council with your oracle cards.

If you need a sacred place to rest, reflect on life and nourish yourself – two spaces have become available for my October Sacred Rest Retreat.  Click here for more details.   

Enjoy the quiet reflection of the dark moon, and heightened illumination of the new moon.

Sending much love to you my wise friend.  xox  Carole


~  Carole Bourne ~


I am a writer. I am a ritual keeper. I shine light.


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