“The more I follow my inner wisdom, the better I am able to care for myself, and the more things just fall into place” Shakti Gawain

Hello wise friend,

There is no better time than the full moon to release and purge all that is heavy and draining from your life.  Here’s a sweet little releasing ritual. It’s one of my favourites.  Super therapeutic for the end of each day but especially potent when practiced at the time of the full moon.

Releasing ritual:

Experience the tranquillity of an open eyed flame meditation.

Gaze with soft half opened eyes, into the soothing flickering glow of a candle flame.

Feel the flame draw you away from the outside world and deep into her peaceful centre.

Rest here.  Sigh and soften into the the calm dancing rhythm of the flame.

When you feel ready. Surrender the day that’s been.  Let it go.  Offer all your worries and problems into the fierce purifying flame.

Toss in any anxious feelings, body tension or exhaustion. Release it all.

Open your ear chakra’s. Listen in for the seductive voice of the flame as she whispers her wise words.

“Everything will be okay” “Everything will be okay”  “Everything will be okay”

Trust in the comforting companionship of flame medicine.

Additional alchemy:

Light a red candle for deep clearing and purging. 

Light a pink candle to nurture an aching heart.  

Light a green candle for purifying your health and blood channels.  

Light a blue candle to feel calmer and less anxious.

Move both the flame and healing colour through your body, through your aura and through your living space.

Oh, and whilst I’m sharing flame medicine, you might also like to read “Burn Your Disappointments”.  

As always, flow gently  xox  Carole


:  Carole Bourne :

Slow living enthusiast. Ritual Keeper. Writer.