The magnificent crystal Lepidolite in mica form.

Hello wise friend,

Lepidolite is a superstar from the mineral kingdom. She is speaking strongly to me at the moment from the wisdom of the July releasing circle – so I thought I’d share my latest adventure with the generous spirit from one of my favourite crystals.  You also might like to consider cleansing the energy of your mattress as well, especially if you’ve been going to bed feeling fearful or stressed lately.

This week I crafted a lepidolite grid for my bedroom. Super easy. Here’s the short version. One piece of lepidolite placed into each corner of your room. Join the vibrational fields of the four pieces of lepidolite together, with prayer or white light or crystal wand or reiki or angels or your energy practice of choice to form a square or rectangular grid (depending on the shape of your room).

Instantly upon activation I feel the energy in my bedroom soften and drop as she aligns to the frequency of slow. Inviting a relaxed breath. A less reactive mind. A body able to let go of tensions and stresses.

I can feel the pulse of slow flow through my inhales and exhales.

My bedroom is now filled with a living breathing frequency that nourishes me. I feel safe. I feel peaceful.  Lepidolite cocoons me in a blanket of calm.

When you grid a room (with any crystal) you infuse the space with a unique field of energy. You can grid a room for absolutely any reason. Black tourmaline for protection. Hematite for grounding.

Healing practice:

You’ll need four pieces of lepidolite in mica form to grid your bedroom.

Step one: 

Hold the four pieces of lepidolite in your hands. Connect with them energetically. Breathe in rhythm with their essence. Offer thanks to the spirit/deva of the crystals. If their presence seems a little dulled you may wish to cleanse with palo santo (holy smoke), white sage or an energy clearing spray.

With any new crystals that I purchase I often let them rest for a few days in my amethyst geode.

Step two: 

Place one piece into each corner of your room. Even if its under a piece of furniture or behind a door.

Step three:

Activate the rectangular or square grid (depending on the shape of your room).  

The simplest way is with prayer and calling the light. Hands in prayer pose. Imagine in your minds eye a beautiful beam of white light streaming into your room. Direct the white light to flow from one piece of lepidolite to the next, until it flows back to the first crystal. 

See, sense or feel the constant stream of energy that now travels continuously between each piece of lepidolite.

I personally use a crystal wand to activate my room grids but please choose whatever energy method you feel comfortable with.  There are so many options and I know many of you reading this are already amazing light workers.

Extra alchemy:

I often fine tune and soften the energy in my bedroom even further with the gentle flicker of a candle flame and the glow of my salt crystal lamp. 

Let let me know how you go with gridding your bedroom. 


~  Carole Bourne ~

Writer. Ritual Keeper. Sow Rest Alchemist


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