Hello my sweet friend,

I feel strongly compelled to share with you an extract from an email I have only just sent out to everyone on my distant healing circle list.  Hope you don’t mind.

I’m sensing intensely that we all need to move towards igniting our Courageous hearts as the current wave of fear is sweeping our planet.

July’s full moon releasing circle:

Here’s an extract from recent releasing circle email.  If you’d like to read the whole email please message me and I’d be so happy forward it onto you. 

July’s releasing circle is all about clearing fear and helplessness so you can reclaim your trust and move towards igniting your bold strong Courageous heart.

No longer should she be sitting on the sidelines of your life.  Waiting.  It’s time for your Courageous heart to lead.

Your Courageous heart will guide you through the fear, doubt and feelings of helplessness.  She fearlessly knows the next right step, the next right action – for you, and only you.

Your Courageous heart will protect your space. So important. She is fierce and very precise with what you should allow and should absolutely not allow into your personal energy field.  Your Courageous heart has your back. 

Your Courageous heart will encourage you to rise above the fear connect to the source of love from which we all came.
Your Courageous heart beats confidently inside of you. Always.  Ready and waiting.  Although at times she may feel distant to you. Fragile. It’s time for your Courageous heart to roar.  Shine brightly and dim the ravages of fear and helplessness that can consume us.

Initially our releasing circle will focus  on “clearing fears” from your energy fields.  Then she will spontaneously burst into an epic journey of distant healing to saturate every cell of your being with Big love. Continuously. This will help repair and fuel your big bold Courageous heart.

Expect an epic 10-day journey of distant healing.

During the 10 days you will may feel your heart chakra want to organically lift. Often. Let her. This is a great sign.

You may also get a sense of your spine becoming taller and stronger. You may even sense your body not wanting to slump when sitting or standing.  You will notice your posture more. You will be called to follow your breath move up and down along your spine. Your shoulders and neck will begin to relax as you start to create more breathing space in your body for your Courageous heart to widen. Breathe life through you.  Breathe fear through you. Gradually your Courageous heart will speak louder than any voices of fear.


Well my friend, there you have it. If you feel intuitively drawn to joining this month’s releasing circle please click here or email me and I’ll be happy to send you the full email. In addition to our private facebook group you will also receive personal feedback and guidance from me that came up for you during the 10 days of the releasing circles activation.  It usually includes a ritual or two that would be helpful to you at this time in your life.   The energy exchange is via donation.

If you’d like to be on the releasing circle mailing list for future healing circles please click here

Let’s fill this planet with Big love and Courageous hearts and dim the fear that swirls around our planet.

Much love to you all.  xox  Carole

Oh, and the beautiful image is handcrafted by my dear friend Rozi Clarke.


~  Carole Bourne ~

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I am a writer. I am a healer. I shine light.


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