“Yes, it is possible to love and hate someone at the same time.

I do it to myself everyday”  Rupi Kaur

Hello wise friend,

We all need to soften (daily) as a tonic for the harsh, frenetic, overstimulated energies that fill our world these days.

The act of softening is a sacred feminine practice. A ritual for releasing harsh energies – that weigh heavy on our shoulders, feel hard in our bodies and play havoc with our nervous and immune systems.

When you soften, you begin to surrender, let go and unfurl.  You shift into receiving mode. The universe starts flowing through you again. And that’s a beautiful thing my friend.

When you soften, the breath relaxes and gradually transforms into a much needed soothing balm for an exhausted body and frayed nerves. Your ever lengthening exhales are a medicinal tonic for carrying away stress and worries. Sighing is welcomed!

When you soften, you become available to yourself. Sink back into your belly centre.  Your place of calm stillness, deep knowing and fierce clarity. You re-set your inner compass. All is well in your world again. You reclaim your boundaries.

When you soften, you create space to rest, replenish and rejuvenate. It’s spectacularly transformative.

When you soften, you see life through kinder, gentler, more compassionate eyes. Towards yourself and towards others.  Amen!

Softening is a beautiful ritual to honour your body temple and bring delicate awareness to your souls presence.

When you soften, you become whole, healed and complete. It is law. And so it is.  


Evening Ritual of Softening: A  Guided Releasing Ritual (audio):

Click here for my audio recording ~ Evening Ritual of Softening.  Hope you like it.


~  Carole Bourne ~

Writer. Ritual Keeper.  Slow Rest Alchemist.


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