Hello, hello and Happy New Year.  Lets dive straight in.

I have an amazing releasing ritual for you that is a must – at least once a year.  Not negotiable in my book. I’ve been doing it for over a decade now and always find it surprisingly healing and refreshingly magical.  Shifts happen.

Your mattress holds energy.  My mattress holds energy.  You and I both sleep on that energy all night, every night. Year in. Year out. It’s an intimate energetic arrangement. A constant exchange between the two.

So it makes perfect sense to me to cleanse and clear any heavy, dark, yucky energies that may have soaked unknowingly into the memory of the said mattress. And while we are at it –  lets shift and refresh the energy that’s lurking under the bed.  Nothing like a good clean out and removal of dead energy stuff that some how got shoved under the bed.


The ritual of cleansing your mattress is like a huge detox for your energy fields.  A sweeping away of old tired energies. Can be an absolute life changer. I promise. Super helpful if you are recovering from a murky relationship or spent time in bed ill. For me its simple.  I just want to sleep on clean, light nourishing energy.  Not keen on resting my body on the ghosts of old wounds, painful memories, bad dreams, physic attacks or ill health.

So there you are.  is another sneak peak at a draft copy from my new little book which is still contently brewing in creativity.

The energy you sleep on:

Releasing rituals for your mattress (bed):

Here’s a few cleansing rituals to choose from.  Go with what feels right for you.  Do all if you sense your mattress holds strong toxic energy.

1. Sprinkle mattress with combination rock and sea salt.   Lightly rub into mattress.  Leave for at least 4 hours and then vacuum up. Sea salt works well for emotions. Rock salt for heavier denser energies.

2. Place a bowl of sea salt under your bed that has been infused with a few drops of juniper essential oil.  Change every week (new salt) until you feel there has been a shift of energy. Essential if you’ve had an emotionally challenging year or the mattress is second hand (and that’s a whole other story).

3. Cleanse the aura of your mattress with a sage smudge stick or palo santo.  Perfect for monthly cleansing  maintenance or after a bad dream or restless sleep.  I tend to smudge in, around and under my bed at least once a week.

4. Sound medicine.  Leave your device on the mattress and play a healing mantra.  The longer the better. This is the one I’m loving at the moment.  In fact its playing right now. Takes me straight back to my English retreat in September.

5. Grid your bed for protection. I prefer to grid my bed with black tourmaline.  It’s the most protective crystal from the mineral kingdom we have. Perfect for physic attacks or feeling vulnerable to the energies around you. You will need 4 pieces of black tourmaline. Any size. Pop one under each corner of your mattress. Call in the light, use a crystal wand or activate with reiki to energetically join the four pieces of black tourmaline to form a protective shield.

So there you are, another sneak peak at a draft copy from my new little book which is still contently brewing in creativity.

If you are interested I’m happy to write a more detailed post on gridding your bed – or even a room. Let me know. For me now its back to clearing and cleaning.  Really have a deep urge to go through every corner, cupboard, draw and hidden space.  Much releasing and letting go going on in my home right now, creating space to welcome the new and unknown.  Also playing with my word of the year.  It seems to have started talking to me via my morning journal practice.  Such a chatty little word. I’m learning lots.  Will share more soon.

Flow gently my friends.  xox  Carole 


~  Carole Bourne ~

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I am a writer. I am a healer. I shine light.


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