What is yours will never be withheld from you. Keep releasing.  Keep opening”.

Dear friends, it’s been a challenging year for many of us.  Myself included. I won’t bother you with the ins and outs. But I am quietly confident we are all wiser and stronger as a result – or at the very least, getting there.

Thank goddess for releasing rituals, is all I can say. They leave space for healing and new realms of possibilities.


So in the spirit of welcoming a new year and new beginnings, here’s a little story for you.

Once upon a time there was a rather bold wise sentence, ever so determined to get my attention.  As it happens on an ordinary day, doing ordinary things (a few weeks ago) this lone wise sentence spoke to me with authority and just a dash of sternness.  “Let go of the straight line”.  I stopped of course.  Listened in. Hand delivered guidance from the universe straight into my brains in-box. I’d better write this down.

At first I questioned the sentence.  It’s not really relevant to me.  I go with the flow. It’s my thing. My mantra. In fact I pride myself on being fluid and flexible.  But as I breathed with the energy of this sentence I began to find examples in my life where I am attached to the straight line.  Inflexible. Pushing life to unfold a certain way. Forcing the certainty. This needs to happen first – for this to happen – and then this needs to happen for this to happen, and so on. Perfect example of straight line thinking.

Firstly it’s not me.  Secondly, it’s narrow and limiting. No room for beautiful detours, magic and miracles.

So, in the wisdom of my soul I will keep releasing and keep opening whilst in motion this year. Life unravels, inspires and reveals in spirals. That’s where the magic happens. Not straight lines.

So there you have it.  My little story about one bold wise sentence.

~ releasing ritual ~

Let go of the straight line:

Trust there is a divine purpose for all the curves, bends and bumps in life.

Nature does not flow in straight lines. She is bursting with spirals, swirls and wise flexibility, even in the most turbulent of times. Illuminating alternate pathways. Brilliant new realms of possibility. Hidden hope. Easier options.

Soften and surrender into the unpredictable. The shocks of life. The not knowing. The unseen choices resting on the edges of your spiral of awareness.

The more you are able to soften and breathe life through you – the stronger, clearer and more trusting you will become towards all the bumps, bends and curves in life.

Healing practice:

Keep releasing.  Keep opening.  Simply breathe life through you with this gentle breath ritual.

Check in with your body.  Where are you holding on? Can you soften and release from there by 5% or 10%. That’s excellent.

Now breathe life through you.  Inhale gently, guide the breath peacefully down through your body and into the belly. Pause. Exhale fully from your belly, out and away from your body. Pause again. Repeat.

With each exhale feel the layers of inner resistance (pain, fear, tension, confusion etc) soften and release. Allow the bumps and plot twists of life to move gently through you with the healing movement of your breath.

When you breathe life through you will become more resilient and far more courageous than you could ever imagine.

So as I flow into 2016 with the magic of this sentence never far from my thoughts, I have a sneaking suspicion it may will play an major role in my upcoming December 31st global releasing circle.  The heart and soul of this circle will strongly focus on clearing your years energy. That which you need to release will be cleansed, cleared and released.  That which you are desperately holding onto – unnecessarily – will be cleansed, cleared and released.  That which you are now ready to see will be revealed. The intention of the circle couldn’t be any clearer.  So, if you feel drawn to joining December 31st releasing circle send me an email and I’ll forward you the details. 

Go with the flow my friends.  Until next time.  xox  Carole


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