Hello wise friend,

Here’s another releasing ritual. It’s super potent. Gets results quickly. Often totally life changing. I can so vouch for that.   The perfect ritual for deep letting go.

My starting place for shifting heavy or toxic energy, that has wiggled its way into my life, is the humble corner.  Yep, always a corner.  I know, not very exciting right, but for over 15 years corners have been my go-to place when life is getting tangled, intense or a little too heavy for my liking.

When you clear and cleanse your corners you are releasing old stagnant energy that no longer serves who you are today.  It’s that simple.

Corners commonly hold poor chi flow.  They are renowned for trapping energy that over time becomes stale, stagnant and heavy. Listless corners need healing.  Ignore your heavy energy corners and their toxic nature will eventually leach into the fabric of your life.

Find that corner:

I’m sure you know that corner in your living space.  Neglected, lifeless, weighing heavy on your life and shoulders. Just looking at it pulls your energy down.

Start with that corner.  Often one corner is enough to get the energy moving again and stimulate your desired shift.

Clear and cleanse that corner.

1. Empty the corner completely.  Pull everything out and away from the walls (assuming you have stuff in the corner). Let the corner breathe again. You have begun the releasing process. Remember everything is just energy. 

2. Clean thoroughly.  The old fashioned way. Wipe the walls with your favourite essential oil. Get the energy moving again.

3. Deepen the releasing process.  Sprinkle rock salt into the corner (at least 1/2 a cup) and leave for at least a few hours – although 24 hours is ideal before vacuuming up.  Salt is awesome for “clearing” heavy energy.

4. Lift the vibration.  Cleanse with your favourite potion or healing ritual.  Smudge with  dried sage, sacred healing smoke from palo santo,  space clearing mist, chant a mantra, om or sacred sound, crystals, reiki, essential oils and the list of course goes on.  Trust your gut. Cleanse the corner with whatever ritual feels right for you.

5.  Feel into the vibe of your corner.  Listen.  Sense. Go with what the new energy of the corner is telling you. Decorate with what feels right. Less things, more things or no things.

6.  Lastly light a candle.  Burn for 3 or 4 hours to really anchor the new energy into that corner.

That’s it.  Let me know how you go. 



~ Carole Bourne ~

Writer. Ritual Keeper. Slow Rest Alchemist.


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