Have you ever paused and asked your deserving body what she needs most right now?

I did, last week, and her answer was swift and simple.

You are fragile.  Keep your energy in.

So for those of you feeling a little like me at the moment, following is one of my recent weekly healing rituals that may well be the perfect medicine you are needing today.


Feeling Fragile?

When feeling fragile it’s important to redirect the flow of your energy. Soothe the frayed corners. Restore inner balance.

Send your energy inwards and down rather than outwards and away.  

Guide your precious energy, to flow down and into those fragile parts (of you) needing extra support and healing today.  Perhaps its your heart, anxious tummy, weary legs or a subtle all over kinda feeling.

Better still, take a break from the screaming screens.  They suck your energy out and send it far, far away.

Healing practice:

If you are not sure how to send your energy inwards here’s a couple of easy options that might help.

As you hold your next cup of tea, imagine filling it with your nourishing breath and energy.  Or alternately you may prefer to place your hands over the cup and infuse with the healing energy that flows from the palms of your hands (reiki). Either way is perfect.

This is now no ordinary cup of tea.  It is your liquid medicine.

Each sip sends energy and warmth back down into your body.

You begin to restore internal balance, one slow mouthful at a time.

Practice for a few minutes when feeling fragile, sensitive and wobbly in life.

Flow gently my friends.  xox  Carole


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